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Aori's Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Tools

Learn how to get the most out of our Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Tools
17 articles
Overview of Aori's SEM Tool An intro into primary functions and pricing
Uploading campaigns between Aori <> Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising How to use Aori with Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising and what behavior to expect
Microsoft Advertising Tool overview What to expect when using Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool
Building a Single Theme Ad Group campaign (STAGs) in Aori How to get started with Aori's STAGs tool
Uploading Status on Dashboard Understanding the status of the campaign just created
Committing changes to a live campaign How to save changes in Aori to Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising
Campaign-level Negative Keywords Working with campaign-level negative keywords in Aori
How to use keyword insertion in Aori Aori has a unique approach to keyword insertion
Download a CSV file of your Aori campaign How to utilize Aori's ability to download a CSV version of campaigns
Uploading a CSV file How to upload a CSV file from Aori to Google Ads
Keyword suggester How to use Aori's keyword suggester
Match Types in Aori How Aori manages the match types of your keywords
URL tracking and tracking templates How to manage URL tracking in Aori
Currency support What to know regarding campaign currencies when building campaigns in Aori
Aori and Google Ads policies What happens when a campaign in Aori has disapproved ads due to ad policy violations
Connecting an active Google Ads account to Aori Prevent sync issues by ensuring the connected account is ready
Duplicating a campaign How to duplicate a campaign and what to expect
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