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Match Types in Aori

How Aori manages the match types of your keywords

After you go through the Key Phrase Builder, your keywords will be made. Aori will then put each of your keywords into a single ad group with three match types by default:

Broad match modifier: +new +keywords

Phrase match: “new keywords”

Exact match: [new keywords]

Here is where to change the match types in the app:

It is also possible to add the fourth match type: broad match. Google says this match type can include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations. Considering this is extremely broad, we generally advise to use this match type with caution.

If you do want Aori to create your keywords with all four match types, you can easily do this. When you are making a new SKAG campaign, on the "Account and Optimizations" step there is the option to select any of the four match types you would like the campaign made with.

As with all changes in Aori, if later you want to change the match types for the campaign, simply make them in Aori and Aori will re-sync this new data to your Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising account.

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