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Currency support

What to know regarding campaign currencies when building campaigns in Aori

Campaigns can be built in Aori in any currency supported by the ad platforms that are integrated with Aori. But there are a few points to consider when building campaigns.

The default display currency in Aori is USD but the real currency of the campaign will be in whatever currency your ad platofrm account is in. For example, you could build a campaign in Aori with a displayed daily budget of $10 USD but your Google Ads account is in GBP. In this case, during the campaign building process you would see the $10 USD in Aori. This cannot be changed.

After you upload this campaign, Aori will notice that your Google Ads account is actually in GBP and therefore set the daily budget to 10 GBP. Also on the Aori dashboard you will see the currency in GBP instead of USD.

So, it is best to set the daily budgets in Aori thinking of the real currency of the ad platform account and not thinking of the amount as displayed in USD.

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