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Simplify budget KPI monitoring, reallocation, pacing, optimization and reporting with our smart set of tools
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In minutes manage budgets of all sizes like a pro

Performance-increasing automation

Performance-increasing automation

Aori will automatically redistribute your ad spend to the highest performing campaigns, and prevent over and underspend


Connect your campaigns from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and Amazon Advertising
Easy management

Easy management

Quickly adjust budgets for campaigns in one interface, collaborate with your team, share high-level reports with your clients

Simplified workflow

Connect your campaigns

Connect an unlimted number of accounts from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and Amazon Advertising.

Once your accounts are connected, any of your campaigns in that account can be pulled into Aori.

Create and distribute the budget

Decide which campaigns to include in a budget, set the budget and time period, and use simple sliders to distribute the budget across those campaigns or Aori’s automatic distribution.

Levarage Aori’s automation

Overspend protection: Adhere to the strict budgets set by your clients and never overspend again

Rollover: When you underspend for one period, the extra money can be rolled over to the next period and redistrubted across all the campaigns in the budget group

Performance-based Redistribution: set a target cost-per-conversion and Aori will redistrubute your budget from the lowest performing campaigns to the highest performing campaigns

Watch your client satisfaction and ROAS go up

With your campaigns’ budgets managed properly, their performance will go up and your clients will be happy.

Up to $5K Monthly ad spend
Up to $50K Monthly ad spend
Up to $100K Monthly ad spend
Ecom and SEM Tool
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Single keyword ad group (SKAGs) builder and manager
Single theme ad group (STAGs) builder and manager
Integrated with Google and Microsoft Ads
Predictive keyword statistics
Automatic ad-group level negative keyword management
Connect unlimited shops and products
Build campaigns for each product in your shop
Budget manager
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Simplified cross-platform budget monitoring and reporting
Easy budget distribution for a group of campaigns for a set period
Automatic reallocation of budget to higher performing campaigns
Integrated with Google, Microsfot and Facebook Ads
Unlimited campaigns and accounts being managed
Bundle Save 7%
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Budget Manager
SEM Tool
Ecom Tool
15 day refund policy
All plans include unlimited number of teammates

If you need a hand with your campaigns, we offer managed services as well

Our team of performance marketers will create and/or manage campaigns for you.
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per month for a dedicated account specialist

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