A new AdWords tool that creates

hundreds of high-performing ads in minutes.

(Using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). They save you 💰)

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In minutes, create hundreds of high-performing ads

Cost per acquisition (CPA) Optimization

Advanced Negative Keyword Management

What people say:

With SKAGs, only one keyword will trigger that specific ad. Why structure your campaigns like this?

How it works

Want to see your quality score instantly go up with SKAGs?

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Pay for each campaign created and synced to AdWords

Create campaigns in Aori for free

Unlimited keywords and ads

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$ 30
per user per month
Pay for 30 day access with unlimited number of campaigns created 

Team access available

Unlimited campaigns, keywords and ads

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Product Video Ads
$ 90
per user per month
Automatically create vertical video ads for your products

Integration with Snap, Instagram and FB

No product feed required

Multiple video ad templates

Automated campaign creation

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