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Create and manage SKAG campaigns

We have created a new product that will help marketers to create an overwhelming amount of single keyword ad groups and manage it in Google AdWords with easy to use AI-powered tools.


Bid management

Minimize CPC, execute the daily budget, optimize CPA or maintain your ROMI with Google Analytics E-Commerce module.

Automated A/B testing

Create thousands of keyphrases using keyword bags, put your root keywords in ad templates (DKI) and achieve the best performance.

How it works

Set root keywords

Root keywords represents your product or service and discribe it in a few words. And you can use them in ad templates (with Dymamic Keyword Insertion) to create lots of ads that perfectly match with the search term.

By default we use:

  • [Exact Match]
  • “Phrase Match”
  • +Broad +Match +Modifier

But you may also enable Broad Match option.

Add keyword extensions

If you consider long tail terms you may use keyword extensions and generate thousands of keyword combinations.

Group different types of keyword extensions by keybags, set the word order and mix it with root keywords.


  • [root] + [extention#1] + [extention#2]


  • “root”
  • “root extention#1”
  • “root extention#2”
  • “root extention#1 extention#2”

Use advanced DKI

There's no need to use the whole keypharse in ad template. Just insert a root keyword into headline or description to create flexible ads that perfectly match with a search term.

Root keywords may be capitalized in the following ways:

  • {KeyWord} — Car Service
  • {Keyword} — Car service
  • {keyword} — car service
  • {KeyWORD} — Car SERVICE
  • {KEYWord} — CAR Service

Optimize bids

We provide several optimization options which may be used together or apart to meet your KPIs.

Optimization goals available:

  • Minimize CPC
  • Execute daily budget
  • Minimize CPA

Integration with Google Analytics Ecommersce module is coming soon and will provide possibility to optimize ROMI.

Single Keyword Ad Group approach is one of the most effective ways to elevate your click-through-rates, quality scores and ROI

Increase your PPC efficiency with well known methodology and state-of-the-art algorithms

Create thousands of keyphrases from word matrix, use root keywords in ad templates and optimize your key metrics including CPC and CPA.

Dynamic negative keywords

Long tail keywords would'n be cannibalized by broad keywords

Automated A/B testing

Generate thousands of ads and keywords, and use the best

Google Analytics integration

Set up goal optimization or use hourly stats to modify bids

Campaign import

Connect your existing campaigns and convert them to SKAG