A set of tools to help you conquer Google, Bing and Facebook Ads

Modern solutions for marketers to create high-performing campaigns that get better results
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Create high-performing campaigns
across three platforms

Google Ads SKAGs Tool

Build well-structured campaigns in Google Ads much faster than with Google AdWords Editor or web interface. Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) are a time-proven method for better campaigns, and Aori makes it easy to create and maintain them.

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Bing Ads SKAGs Tool

Instead of exporting Google campaigns to Bing, build campaigns for Bing with a tool integrated directly with Bing.

The tool uses Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs), which are a time-proven method for better performing campaigns.

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Facebook Ads Tool

We rethought the Facebook Ads Manager and made a lightening-fast tool to create Facebook Ads campaigns.

Our users have said they can make campaigns in half the time compared to the Facebook Ads Manager.

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    Building campaigns for Google, Bing or Facebook Ads is also free. Check out how fast campaign creation is in Aori.
  3. Sync or download

    Only pay when you want to sync or download the campaign as CSV.

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Free campaign creation
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The Aori platform has saved our agency lots of hours of work when settings up and maintaining campaigns. Really solid product guys!
Ondyr Agency, NYC