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Uploading campaigns between Aori <> Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising

How to use Aori with Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising and what behavior to expect

Aori works well alongside the native Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising interfaces. As a general rule, Aori will never interfere with changes made outside of Aori (external changes) if they are not related to the campaign structure managed by Aori.

  • If a user creates an ad, ad group or keyword in Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising to an Aori-made campaign, Aori will not alter this externally created entity directly. However it can be indirectly affected by changes made to its parent: e.g. removing an ad group will affect all of its keywords even if they were created externally.

  • If a user deletes an ad or ad group outside of Aori, it will be remembered as deleted in Aori. Changes made to the campaign structure in Aori will respect this external change. Deleted ad groups will not be re-created when the campaign is updated. Deleted ads will be re-created only if it was produced by another ad template (e.g. a user added another ad template that produces the exact same ad as the one which has been deleted).

  • If a user deletes a keyword outside of Aori it will be re-added the next time the campaign is updated in Aori.

  • Editing an ad or a keyword outside of Aori is processed as if an entity was removed and then another one was created:

    • For keywords that means that the new keyword value is left as is, and the old one will be re-created the next time the campaign is updated in Aori.
    • For ads that means that the modified ad will be left as is and the previous version will not be re-created unless produced by another ad template. This non-obvious behavior is a result of technical limitations of the Google Ads API. That might be changed one day. In general, this situation is extremely unlikely to occur.
  • If a user edits an ad group, these changes will be over-ridden the next time the campaign is updated in Aori.

  • Ad group level negative keywords (which are used for automatic cross-negative keyword management in Aori) are not displayed in our interface, but they behave in exactly the same way as regular keywords, i.e. removed ones are re-created if necessary.

  • If a user changes general campaign settings, such as budget, locations, start and end dates, max CPC cap etc, these changes will be reflected in Aori. Aori tries to reflect these changes immediately when the user tries to view the campaign data in Aori, so there should be no inconsistency between Aori and the ad platform interface.

  • If a user picks a different budget for his campaign from a Shared Library in Google Ads, then the campaign budget is no longer managed by Aori and will never be overridden.

If a user misses some of the ad engine's functionality when managing his campaign in Aori, he can always click our handy "Open in Google Ads/Bing Ads" button in the upper right corner of campaign settings page.

When changes are made in Aori:

  • If keyword banks are changed, Aori will pause ad groups that are no longer relevant and add new ones. Keywords and ads in these ad groups are not paused and left as is. This is a soft delete, and the keywords that are no longer relevant, will be deleted in 30 days.
  • If ad templates are changed, Aori will pause ads that are no longer relevant and add new ones, again paused for 30 days, and then deleted.

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