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About Aori Here for the first time? Learn a little more about our company
Connections and Syncing Information about connecting AdWords and Google Analytics as well as what happens during the syncing process
Match Types in Aori How Aori manages the match types of your keywords
Dynamic Text Replacement on Landing Pages with Aori A quick tutorial about how to use Aori when using dynamic text replacement on landing pages
Why do Single Keyword Ad Groups Improve Campaign Performance? Top 10 reasons Single Keyword Ad Groups are great
How Aori Uses Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Aori has a unique approach to dynamic keyword insertion
Creating a New SKAGs Campaign in 7 Steps Easy steps to creating a campaign
Aori's Automatic Cross Negative Keyword Management An explanation of Aori's negative keyword feature
Convert to SKAG Aori offers the ability to convert an already existing campaign into a SKAG campaign
Download a CSV file of your Aori campaign How to utilize Aori's ability to download a CSV version of campaigns
Assigning URLs to Keywords in Aori Decide what keywords should lead to which page
Altering Aori-made campaigns in Google Ads What to expect when working with Aori and Google Ads (Editor and web interface)
Single Keyword Campaigns Creating campaigns for the highest performing keywords to maintain maximum control
Billing FAQ All the info about billing
Aori's Bing Ads Tool
Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) Explained The starting point for first time SKAG users