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Uploading Status on Dashboard

Understanding the status of the campaign just created

After a campaign is created, it is helpful to be able to see the status of the upload with Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising. That can be done on the Aori's Dahsboard in the following ways:

  • Immediately after creating your campaign, the campaign will have the status of being "generated" by Aori. This process is reflected by a "generation in progress" status and a blue progress bar. The Generation state is also triggered by changes made to the campaign structure when managing a camapaign, such as editing keyword banks and/or ad templates.

  • Already generated campaigns will again be uploaded to the ad platform. Aori calculates the difference between the newly generated campaign and its representation on the ad platform as delta. This delta is then pushed to the ad platform. This process is reflected by a "waiting for upload" status and a green progress bar. Clicking the green progress bar reveals a detailed progress showing how many deltas are pushed for each entity type.

  • External entities are marked as "managed in Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising". Generally they are left as is, see detailed description here.

  • When an entity is uploaded, it might be rejected by the ad platform's moderation. In that case we show a red or orange warning which expands to the list of discovered problems on a mouse hover. One particularly common warning is the "rarely served" status. That means that some keywords (and consequently the whole ad group) have a low search volume and are not eligible to display ads. A user can catch rarely served keywords early by using our performance forecast feature.

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