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Aori is a powerful Single Keyword Ad Group creation tool
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Skyrocket your sales with the industry's leading SKAG and SPAG feed-based campaign builder

Performance boosting

Create campaigns in industry-proven Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) format

Flexible to fit your needs

Clean and enhance your feed and create segments of products for campaigns

Time-saving automation

Create highly-tailored ads for all your products in minutes

The feed marketing solution you need to create
successful search ads

Link Feed

Import data from top sources

In a few clicks connect your shop: easily connect shops from a long list of sources, and Aori will always be up to date with new products in your shop or if products go out of stock.
Prepare Feed

Prepare the product feed

Clean the feed, create attributes and segments: Prepare and enhance your product data for marketing campaigns with proper attributes, easily set up campaigns for just a segment of products in your shop.
Build Campaigns

Build the campaigns

Create keywords and ads from your shop’s info: take any of the descriptive info about your products and use it to make highly tailored keywords and ads.
Track Perfomance

Track and Optimize Product Performance

Product first perspective: see marketing metrics for each product to understand how each product is performing.

Better than the alternatives

Aori‘s Ecom Tool stands out

Faster than manually creating the campaigns for your shop

Manually creating ads and keywords for each of your products is a time consuming and cumbersome task, and updating those ads and keywords as your products change is a sisyphean task.

More flexible and transparent than Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

Don’t rely on Google’s black box solution which leaves questions about when Google will next scrape your website for any updates you make with your store, or awkward dynamically generated ad content.

Better than the competitors

Our elegant and intuitive interface, best in class customer support (responses in live chat in 10 mins during working hours), feature set and pricing make Aori’s Ecom Tool impossible to beat.

Why online merchants and agencies love Aori’s Ecom Tool

There are not many tools out there that can easily create text ads for ecommerce campaigns. By automating the SKAG setup and combining it with a detailed product feed, Aori has saved me hundreds of hours to create effective text ads for my products.

Sean Henderson
CEO at AdBump

Aori is a must-have tool if you want to expand outside of Google Shopping Ads and create text ads for your products. There's no easy way to do this with the Google Ads Editor and other ecommerce platforms, Aori makes it easy.

Greg Perez
PPC Specialist at reDirect

The best product i've used for creating feed-based text ads and implementing SKAGs for eCommerce!

Kristen Manning
Marketing Consultant

Aori literally creates perfect text ads for products, because all the product information is pulled in straight from your feed and completely automated. With such specific product information in the text ads, combined with the SKAG approach, we've seen our text ads outperform our shopping ads by leaps and bounds!

Alex Coleman
Head of Paid Search at ShopCommerce

Everything about pricing. Simple.

Try our automated SKAG/STAG campaign creation, set up budget management rules and build campaigns from products in your ecom store for free, pay only when you are ready to launch campaign
Up to $5K Monthly ad spend
Up to $50K Monthly ad spend
Up to $100K Monthly ad spend
Ecom and SEM Tool
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Single keyword ad group (SKAGs) builder and manager
Single theme ad group (STAGs) builder and manager
Integrated with Google and Microsoft Ads
Predictive keyword statistics
Automatic ad-group level negative keyword management
Connect unlimited shops and products
Build campaigns for each product in your shop
Budget manager
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Simplified cross-platform budget monitoring and reporting
Easy budget distribution for a group of campaigns for a set period
Automatic reallocation of budget to higher performing campaigns
Integrated with Google, Microsfot and Facebook Ads
Unlimited campaigns and accounts being managed
Bundle Save 7%
$144 /mo
$120 paid once
Budget Manager
SEM Tool
Ecom Tool
15 day refund policy
All plans include unlimited number of teammates

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