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Microsoft Advertising Tool overview

What to expect when using Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool

Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool is part of our SEM Tool and is very similar to our Google Ads Tool in that it makes building Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAGs) campaigns quick and managing these campaigns easy.

To review, SKAGs are a campaign structure proven to create campaigns that perform better than campaigns made using the traditional ad structure containing several keywords per ad group.

The reason is simple: SKAGs have the closest connection between search term, keyword and ad, and they give the PPC manager granular control to get the most out of the campaigns.

Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool helps you create SKAGs directly in Microsoft Advertising faster than if you were to do it directly in the Microsoft Advertising interface. We have achieved this in a few ways:

  • Completely rethinking and optimizing the campaign creation process. We have streamlined our campaign-building interface so you can publish campaigns in minutes.

  • Keyword builder: Aori's Keyword Builder uses a tensor multiplication technique that helps you find all possible variations of your keywords. Identifying all the variations of a keyword or key phrase is important because you can then use more specific keyword match types that cost less than broad match keywords. Also, our Keyword Builder makes management of keywords (adding/removing) super easy.

  • Ad Builder: Aori's Ad Builder uses a template approach with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). Each template you make goes into each Single Keyword Ad Group. So if you have one template and 100 keywords, that template will go into each SKAG. And if you use DKI, each ad will include the keyword in it. Later on when you want to add or remove an ad, it becomes a simple two-click process.

Of course, Microsoft Advertising's import feature from Google needs to also be considered. Why would you use Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool if you can just import already-made campaigns directly from Google? Here are a few scenarios why:

  • You want a stand-alone campaign in the Microsoft Advertising Tool. You aren't running this same campaign in Google. In this case, you would be creating campaigns in Microsoft Advertising from scratch and potentially would like a tool to speed that up for you. Microsoft Advertising is another platform with it's own regulations, ad policies and other nuances.

  • What works in Google will not always work in Microsoft Advertising and vice versa. For this reason, you might have similar campaigns running in Google as well as Microsoft Advertising, but you are ultimately running them independently.

  • Working in the Microsoft Advertising interface is horrible. PPC managers often complain about overall slowness and lots of page errors. In contrast, campaign creation and uploading with Aori is smooth sailing ⛵️.

With Aori it is also possible to manage one campaign on both platforms. You could make a campaign in Aori and upload it both to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Aori will then be the tool you use to centrally manage both.

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