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Connecting an active Google Ads account to Aori

Prevent sync issues by ensuring the connected account is ready

While generally a smooth process, sometimes it is possible that an issue with the connected Google Ads account can cause some confusion and unexpected results. To ensure the upload process goes as planned, follow these points:

  1. When selecting the destination Google Ads account, make sure you are selecting the correct account number. That sounds like an easy thing to do, but sometimes if there are a lot of sub accounts in an Account Manager, this can be the source of an easy mix up. If you don't see the Aori campaign in the destination Google Ads account, check inside Aori and look at the campaign card. On the upper left corner of the campaign card, Aori will say what Google Ads account the campaign is uploaded to. Look at that number and and then check that account.

  2. Make sure that the account you are trying to upload the campaign to is not disabled. You can find that information in the Tools & Settings area of your Google Ads account.

  3. Check to make sure you have write access to the Google Ads account. You can do that in your Google Ads account by following this clickpath: Tools & Settings > Access and Security > Users. If you don't have write access to the account, Aori can't upload campaigns to the account. Here is Google's relevant article: About access levels in your Google Ads Account.

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