PPC News in January 2019: Videos, podcasts, PDFs, infographics and more

A collection of the top PPC articles, videos, podcasts and PDFs that caught our attention in January 2019.

In case you missed it, here is what happened in the world of PPC last month.

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Top PPC PDFs in January 2019

Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019 - Reuters Institute

This will be the year when the regulation of platform companies starts to bite following growing concern about misinformation, privacy, and market power, according to this Reuters Institute report.

The State Of Mobile 2019 - App Annie

Worldwide consumer app store spending topped $100 billion in 2018. There were 194 billion mobile app downloads in 2018. The average person worldwide spends 3 hours per day on mobile apps.

Digital Marketing Report for Q4 2018 - Merkle

How are optimizations to Amazon ads programs impacting ad investment? Is DuckDuckGo’s impressive query growth translating into meaningful site visits for brands? What’s at stake as Bing Ads becomes the exclusive search ad provider for Yahoo and its properties?


Bing Ads PPC News

Bing ups amount of content websites can index to 10,000 URLs per day
Now webmasters can submit 10,000 URLS per day to get crawled and indexed, a significant jump from Bing's earlier limit of 10 URLs per day and 50 URLs per month.

Bing improves product search and recommendations for fashion retail
Descriptive words included in the product description (such as floral or red) will now be shown to searchers even if they did not appear in the user's query or the advertiser's keywords.

Bing rolling out page feeds for Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
Over the next several weeks Bing will roll out page feeds for DSA customers. Now advertisers will simply upload a list of URLs instead of needing to create targets for each URL.

Bing introduces AI-powered performance insight to help manage account changes
The goal is to help save advertisers time by eliminating the need to do detective work about why a campaign suddenly stopped performing. Bing Ads machine learning will identify the problem automatically.


Google Ads PPC News

Google launches new ways to show high-quality content to shoppers
Advertisers can now populate their product pages on their Google Shopping property with their own unique content and highlight features of the product they believe will most attract their customers.

The most critical Google Ads trends of 2019
Search Engine Land identifies key trends to look out for this year, including rising CPC, the growing importance of smart features, more focus on quality ads and the changing search habits of users due to voice search.

Google testing Mobile SERPs with up to 14 ads
A user tweeted a screenshot of Google testing 14 ads in a single mobile search results page. The page begins with 4 ads, then two organic listings, followed by 7 ads and then six more organic lists before the 'more results' button appears.

Google Ads to manage users' campaigns unless they opt out
Google Chrome is sending emails to certain users, notifying them that their campaigns will be managed by Google Ads experts in 7 business days unless they opt out. Google says this complimentary campaign support could lead to improvements in their campaigns at no extra cost.

Google Chrome to expand ad blocking worldwide on July 9th
Websites that continually display disruptive ads will be most affected by the change.


Facebook Ads PPC News

Facebook reports a blowout Q4, despite privacy and data problems
Facebook has reported 38% growth in its ad business year-on-year in Q4 2018, posting a record $16.64 billion and $6.8 billion in profits. Daily active users grew 9% to 1.52 billion. Facebook Stories has been fueling the growth, with the feature now available in Instagram and Whatsapp.

Facebook adds new reporting for Click-to-WhatsApp ads
Traffic, conversions and page post engagement objectives are now available on Click-to-WhatsApp ads. These ads launch a WhatsApp chat via the Facebook News Feed.

Why ad placement is SO IMPORTANT on Facebook if you want more conversions
AdEspress has written a detailed guide to ad placement in Facebook and how it affects conversion sucess.


Instagram Ads PPC News

Instagram's sneakiness makes Super Bowl ads look quaint
The New York Times breaks down influencer marketing on Instagram and how difficult it has become to detect. Super Bowl ads look refreshingly transparent in comparison.

I finally took the plunge and bought something I'd seen in an Instagram ad. Here's why I'll probably never do it again
Business Insider explores one major flaw with shopping on Instagram: your friends probably saw the same ad, and bought the same thing.

Facebook is looking to Instagram for the future of digital ads
Facebook is relying on Instagram to fuel its ad business. This comes amid reports that only 5% of young people use Facebook at all.


LinkedIn Ads PPC News

Buyers are shifting budgets to LinkedIn
LinkedIn is coming into more favor among ad buyers, who say they are shifting budgets there away from other digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The Water Cooler: What LinkedIn Members Are Reading on the Platform (and You Should, Too)
Linkedin revealed the top articles that were shared on its platform the previous month, a window into what content most appeals to its members.

LinkedIn introduces Interest Targeting feature
The feature will allow advertisers to reach members with relevant ads that match their professional interests based on the content they share on LinkedIn.

Some more articles we liked

For $29, This Man Will Help Manipulate Your Loved Ones With Targeted Facebook And Browser Links
Forbes explores the dark side of online marketing and how easy it has become to manipulate people on social media and the web with fake news.

16 ways to go on a digital cleanse if you use Google products religiously
If you had a New Year's resolution to spend less time on your phone, Business Insider breaks down some features Google offers to help you kick the habit.

This year’s Super Bowl commercials showed us that tech isn’t that great
Vox looks at this year's Super Bowl commercials and the reccurring anti-tech theme in some of the ads.

Top PPC Videos in January 2019

How China is changing your internet

In China, a sheltered internet has given rise to a new breed of app, and American companies are taking notice. What was once known as the land of cheap rip-offs may now offer a glimpse at the future.

Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia

Bloomberg heads to China to look at how the country's leading companies are changing society. A country where you can't use cash or credit cards, only your smartphone, where AI facial-recognition software instantly spots and tickets jaywalkers, and where at least one factory barely needs people anymore.

Why advertisers are tracking your emojis

It’s not just your Google keywords anymore. Advertisers are developing ads to target consumers based on the emojis they use.

Top PPC Podcasts in January 2019

Do it for the gram: Can people really quit facebook and Instagram?

Quitting Facebook has become the latest fad. But quitting Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, proves to be quite a bit harder. This podcast looks at why.

Twitter CEO talks ads, bitcoin, internet censorship and more in 2 hour interview with Joe Rogan

A two-hour conversation with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on everything from internship censorship and advertisements to bitcoin and Trump.

Facebook is looking to Instagram for the future of digital ads

Many users think of Instagram as the younger, cooler Facebook. Advertisers seem to agree, as more and more are leaving the platform.

This Week in AdTech: 2019 Trends in PPC

AdStage gives its predictions for 2019, including social media addiction, Twitter’s uncertain growth and the implications of 5G internet.

Simple Amazon PPC strategies to drive extra sales

An overview of new targeting strategies to drive extra sales to your products on Amazon.

The state of content marketing 2019

Content marketing is an increasingly crowded space. So what strategies still work in 2019? This podcast goes over video embed changes in YouTube, tracking issues on social, how to use cookies following iOS updates and more.

Best ways to track phone calls in Google Ads

Another great Paid Search Podcast where they talk message extensions in Google Ads, how to reply to those messages and strategies to track calls from Google Ads PPC campaigns.

Top PPC Infographic in January 2019

Finally, our favorite PPC infographic this month: A solid visualization of how to improve conversion rates.

Source: EPower Marketing

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