PPC News: YouTube Mid-Roll Ads Editor, Twitter tests vanishing tweets

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon sellers hiking prices on Coronavirus

Packs of Purell hand sanitizer are as high as $350 on Amazon, and the company is struggling to deal with the problem.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are rising in price, new report says

In a new report, eMarketer says that prices for Amazon's Sponsored Products are up between 20%-30%.

Amazon pulls over 1 mln products for price gouging, false advertising

The removal comes after it was discovered some sellers were charging exorbitant shipping prices on items that protect from the coronavirus, such as hand sanitizer, tissues and face masks.

Apple Ads News

Apple finally allowing ads on iOS

Apple will now allow push notifications to be used for advertising, so long as users agree to receive the ads first.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook gives WHO free ads to fight coronavirus misinformation

Zuckerberg announced that the WHO will get as many free ads as it needs.

Facebook expands election authorization ad requirements to 32 regions

Facebook is expanding its political advertising transparency measures, which require any ad paid for by a political group or candidate to be labeled as such, into 32 new regions. Now 89 countries are required t oadhere to Facebook's political ad regulations.

How the coronavirus rumor mill can thrive in private group chats

In private messages and group chats on Facebook where friends and family members might discuss everything from gossip to more serious matters, successful moderation of health crisis fear-mongering is almost impossible.

Google Ads New

Google Ads introduces new attribution reports, scraps old ones

Attribution reports are vital to tracking the success of Google Ads campaigns as they provide information about paths that lead to conversion. The new reports include:

  • Overview: a high level overview of conversion paths
  • Top paths: the most common paths customers take to complete a conversion
  • Path metrics: paths broken down by your audience's devices (desktop, tablet mobile)
  • Assisted conversions: all conversions assisted by clicks other than the last click
  • Model comparison: compare two different attribution models side-by-side.

Dark mode comes to Google Ads Mobile App

In addition to dark mode, there are several new features, including optimization score recommendations and notifications when their overall optimization score changes.

Google Search to make mobile-first indexing default by Sept

Already 70% of sites are indexed as mobile first, but by late 2020 Google hopes to make all sites mobile friendly. For most sites the switch will be seamless, but if you only use structured data on your desktop site and not on mobile, then it is time to make the switch.

Instagram Ads News

As Instagram tests IGTV ads, it seeks to attract influencers

Instagram has finally launched a plan to let creators monetizer their content with ads through a new partner program. But influencers aren't buying it.

Instagram launches limited 3D features

Instagram has added limited 3D sharing features, using technology that fakes depth on images with the camera sensor.

Microsoft Ads News

How to import your Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising

This checklist tells you everything you need to know to get your Google Ads to show in Bing and vice versa.

Pinterest Ads News

How to use Pinterest Trends in your marketing plan

Pinterest may not have the biggest user base, but if your customer is female and over 30, you would be a fool not to be on the platform. Pinterest Trends allows you to find out what this demographic is searching for and how to advertise to them.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat tests audience network to place ads outside of app

The Snap Audience Network allows brands to place ads outside of Snapchat on other adds.

TikTok vs Snapchat: Key Differences

This guide breaks down the key differences between the two apps. Whereas Snapchat's main demographic continues to be millennials, TikTok is almost excursively Generation Z.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter tests vanishing tweets to keep up with Snapchat, Facebook

Twitter is testing a feature to allow tweets to vanish, similar to Stories in Instagram or videos in Snapchat. The tweets will be dubbed 'fleets', for appearing for a fleeting moment and then disappearing.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube is demonetizing videos about coronavirus, and creators are mad

YouTube is half censorship accusations thrown at it by small-time YouTubers who make their living reporting the news. YouTube has decided to demonitize videos about the coronavirus, which encourages YouTube creators not to cover the subject because their videos will be demonitized.

YouTube updates Mid-Roll Ads Editor, Notification Analysis

YouTube creators now have access to a new set of data which helps ensure notifications will not be sent in error. There is also a mid-roll ad editor to let creators manually place ads in their videos. YouTube Studio is also going away.

Adtech Industry News

Major tech companies ask Seattle employees to work from home after coronavirus cases

Tech companies are pulling out of tech conferences around the world and asking their employees to work from home. This will have a direct impact on industry revenue, as companies deal with less worker productivity and missing out on synergy from potential deals that could have been made.

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