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What are Single Theme Ad Groups?

Organize and manage your campaigns based on themes and sub-themes: each theme will have its own ad group with several different keywords and ads.
CampaignABC Bike Co.

Ad Groups

ABC Road Bike
ABC Road Bike / Features
ABC Road Bike / Buy
ABC Track Bike / Features
ABC Track Bike / Buy


ABC Road Bike featues
ABC Road Bike specs
Buy ABC Track Bike
ABC Track Bike price


ABC Road Bike Specs
Buy ABC Track Bike

STAGs leverage Google and Microsoft Ads’ newest updates that focus on search intent and favor smart bidding strategies.

STAGs give marketers an increase in ROAS and a simplified and organized account structure.

Maintain thousands of ads with Aori’s ad template engine

Faster campaign creating than Google Ads and AdWords Editor

Aori is a PPC tool that can create large SKAG campaigns in less than 10 minutes. It is a SKAG builder and long-tail keyword generator that saves time.

Less manual work and errors

When building campaigns in the Editor there is lots of copying and pasting. It is easy to make a simple mistake and copy-paste this mistake through the campaign.

Easier to maintain

Aori makes managing large SKAG campaigns and adding new keywords from the Search Terms report a piece of cake.

In Minutes Create Organized STAG
Campaigns in Aori

Keyword Builder
In the Theme Builder create themes and sub-themes, each willl later become ad groups.
Performance forecasts
The Ad Builder’s templates make it easy to insert the theme, sub-theme or keyword into the ad.
Ad templates
At the Review step get a complete overview of the campaign that was just built.
All done!
When at the Finish step, it is possible to download the campaign as a CSV file or connect your Google or Microsoft Ads account and sync it directly.

Everything about pricing.

Free unlimited campaign creation in Aori, only pay when syncing to Google Ads
  • Per campaign synced to Google Ads
  • Single user per Aori account
  • Editing campaigns in Aori limited to 1 day
15-day refund policy
  • Unlimited campaigns synced to Google Ads for 30 days
  • $5 for each additional user added to the account
  • Editing campaigns in Aori only during active subscription
  • Priority support
15-day refund policy
$37.5 / mo
  • $450 paid once
  • Unlimited campaigns synced to Google Ads for a year
  • $5 for each additional user added to the account
  • Customized yearly contracts available based on your individual needs and team size

If you need a hand with your campaigns, we offer managed services as well

Our team of performance marketers will create and/or manage campaigns for you.
Starting from
per month for a dedicated account specialist

Freelancers, agencies and in-house marketers agree, Aori saves time

This single theme builder perfectly matches the format I’ve been building media plans for clients, so uploading that is a cinch in Aori. Well done guys!

Mike T.

Rolling with punches with Google Ads updates is tricky as a small business owner. Your product is ahead of the curve on this one. My STAG campaigns have been performing marvelously .

Karen R.

Loving the new STAGs builder! I’m saving time and my clients are happy - a win win.

Matt T.

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