PPC News: Facebook 'clear history' tool, Instagram banning 'like' farms, Google Marketing Live 2019

Our roundup of the top PPC news headlines this week.

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Facebook Ads News

Facebook launching 'clear history' tool, advertisers worried

Facebook will finally launch a 'clear history' tool, something that users have demanded for a long time after numerous privacy scandals at the company. But it could hurt Facebook's business model which relies on showing users ads based on their previous browsing history. A clear history tool would make it harder for the company to show targeted ads to users.

Is Facebook listening to our conversations? The conspiracy lives on

Facebook's targeted ads continue to fuel conspiracy theories that the company is listening to people's conversations, despite repeated denials by Facebook. And even if Facebook ultimately is not doing so, the impression the company's targeted ads create is that user conversations are being recorded.

Google Ads News

Google aims compete against Amazon with new Google shopping platform

Google has launched Google Shopping, a new shopping platform that aims to directly compete with Amazon and cement itself as an eCommerce platform. The annoucement was made at Google Marketing Live, where the company also released new shopping ads and a host of other new eCommerce features.

Google launches feed-based Discovery Ads for YouTube, Search and Gmail

Discovery Ads target users at the top of the funnel when they are most perceptive to being introduced to a new brand or product. They can appear in three specific Google products: 1) the Discover Section of Google Search, 2) the YouTube homefeed and 3) the promotions tab in Gmail.

Google releases new smart bidding strategies

Google announced three new smart bidding strategies at its annual Google Marketing Live event last week. They include 1) choosing conversions at the campaign level, 2) creating conversion action sets and 3) seasonality adjustments.

Three key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2019

This year's Google Marketing Live offered a host of new updates and features that plan to be rolled out over the course of the next few months. Here are the three key takeaways for marketers to keep in mind from the conference.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram to punish accounts that buy 'likes' and 'followers'

Instagram is testing a feature that will punish accounts that use third-party apps to gain fake followers and likes. The goal is to increase authenticity on the platform.

Pinterest Ads News

Pinterest developing visual search feature following low Q1 earnings

Pinterest's stock price dropped 13% following disappointing Q1 earnings. The company hopes to woo investors back by becoming the go-to visual search engine. According to the CEO, Pinterest is investing in a visual search function to allow users to "zoom in on a portion of an image and actually search within that image for items that are similar."

The visual search function will allow Pinterest to take cues from a pin's physical attributes and decide whether or not it's relevant for the user in future experiences.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter finally giving people access to suspended accounts

One year ago Twitter suspended accounts of users it believed to be under the age of thirteen in the run up to Europe's new GDPR privacy laws. But in the process they inadvertedly suspended thousands of accounts belonging to users who were not underage. A year later and it looks Twitter is finally getting around to giving users their accounts back, but many users are not happy.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat publishes new ad frequency report

Snapchat published a new report last week exploring the optimal frequency you should be publishing ads to maximize results on stories. According to the report, the optimal frequency to boost ad breakthrough is two weeks, with one ad per week for longer campaigns (5-12 weeks) and 2 ads per week for shorter campaigns (1-4 weeks).

YouTube Ads News

New 6-second 'Bumper Machine' ad generator in development for YouTube

Attendants of Google Marketing Live last week got a sneak preview of a new 'Bumper Machine' feature that will allow creators to automatically create six second ads on YouTube out of longer videos. The Bumper Machine will use 'machine learning' to automize the process and create several six second ads out of a longer 30 second or 90 second ads.

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