PPC News: Facebook Pay, Google shaming slow websites, Instagram hiding likes

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Amazon Ads News

How Advertisers Are Approaching Amazon

Experts agree that advertising on Amazon continues to gain sophistication and often rely on specialized agencies and technologies to optimize their advertising offers.

Amazon launches AWS Data Exchange for tracking and sharing data sets

To help you securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data from category-leading brands, Amazon announces the launch of AWS Data Exchange.

Nike will no longer sell its shoes and swag on Amazon

Nike turns its back on Amazon to put more emphasis on its own online business, but that’s not the only reason. Nike didn’t like Amazon’s failure to get rid of third-party sellers and fakes.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook hack lets you access hidden audiences, here's how

A user in the group Facebook Ad Hacks shared a way for marketers to access audiences that are not officially available in the Facebook Ads Manager. Here's how:

  • Visit Facebook For Developers
  • Tap on “Add an App”. You don’t really have to add an app, just give it a random display name and add your email address.
  • Next, visit the Graph API Explorer, request your access token and save it.
  • Paste the access token at the end of this URL. Remember to replace the word [Travel] with the niche you are interested in.
  • And there you go. You get a bunch of targetable interests that aren’t usually available in the Ads Manager.

Facebook Pay is here: Zuckerberg's new payment system

Facebook Pay will connect Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook into a single payment system. It will initially only be available in the United States. In this way, Facebook will gain a huge amount of user data regarding CC details, payment history which will help it compete with Amazon and other marketplaces in the eCommerce game.

Facebook outlines policies against harmful content

In its continued war against fake accounts and harmful content, yesterday Facebook shared a report which shares detailed data about the actions they have already taken to make Facebook a better place.

Facebook finally let's you banish red dots in navigation bar

Are the red notification dots on your Facebook homescreen keeping you from focusing? Facebook is finally letting users get rid of them. A new ShortCut Bar settings feature lets users pick what notifications they want to see and which they don't want to see.

Google Ads News

New Google Ads script automates checking for ad disapprovals

A new script warns you when your ad has been disapproved so you can quickly fix issues without having to check manually. When the number of disapproved products in your feed exceeds the threshold you set, you get an email alerting you and detailing the problem products, along with this figure as a percentage of your total news feed.

Google may add 'badge of shame' for slow-loading websites

By looking at historical load times, Google will flag sites that are slow to load. They are testing a progress bar that would be green if your website loads fast or red if it loads slowly. Speeding up website load times by just 100ms has been shown to increase conversions by 1%-2%.

Google Ads Editor adds new campaign types, cross-account features

The Ads Editor has been updated with support for Discovery campaigns, including an edit panel, shared negative keyword lists, error search and new campaign support.

Google expands Local campaigns inventory, BOPIS offers for Shopping campaigns

Despite the rise of eCommerce, some 90% of retail sales still happen offline. The new features target this segment, such as store visits, store purchases measurement to local inventory ads to fully automated local campaigns.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram launches Reels to limit TikTok's rise

Just as Instagram copied Snapchat with Stories, now Instagram is doing the same with TikTok by launching Reels. Reels will allow users to make a 15-second video clip set to music to share as Stories, that can then go viral on a new Top Reels section of Explore, just like TikTok.

Instagram finally getting rid of like count in USA

Instagram is going to start testing hiding likes in the USA, a move many influencers say will hurt engagement and kill influencer marketing. Others say it will the platform a healthier space for young people. Like counts have fallen in the countries where the test has been tried.

Microsoft Ads News

Microsoft Advertising talks intelligence, UI updates, audience solutions in SMX keynote

The Google alternative is working to build better experiences for customers using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Pinterest Ads News

How To Leverage Pinterest For Your Business's Marketing Plans

Forbes breaks down 13 strategies that small businesses can do to leverage the audience on Pinterest, a group that is heavily female-dominated and creates high-ticket purchases.

Snapchat Ads News

Snap publishes report on how users research and purchase items on platform

Snapchat users spend 30 minutes a day on the platform and are omni-channel shoppers bridging the gap between online and offline.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on why Spectacles are a new kind of camera

Spiegel says the Spectacles will open up new advertising opportunities in the AR/VR field.

Twitter Ads News

What Ads Are Political? Twitter Struggles With a Definition

Twitter has said it will ban all political ads. But what is or isn’t a political message is often in the eye of the beholder.

YouTube Ads News

Youtube declares war on Ad Blockers, no more Adblock from December 10

From December 10th you will no longer be able to use Adblock on YouTube: the announcement comes from Google itself, which is sending a notification to users who access its service.

Other Ads News

Wikipedia launches its own social media website

Wikipedia is launching Wikitribune as WT:Social, a social-networking site and news sharing platform which they hope will be an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

Alibaba Singles Day sales hit $23 billion in first nine hours

Alibaba hit $23 billion in sales in the first nine hours of Singles' Day, more than Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined. This is the first Singles Day without Jack Ma as the head of the company, after he unexpectedly resigned to 'start a new life'.

The Brave Browser Extends Its Payouts to iOS

Nearly four years after Brave proposed paying users to surf the web, that vision is finally coming to the iPhone.

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