Google reveals feed-based Discovery Ads for YouTube, Search, Gmail

Google reveals Discovery Ads that will be able to run on YouTube, Gmail and the Discover Section of Search.

Is it something that you will use everyday and does it make your life better?

This is the question that Google says it asks itself before making any product.

And it is apparently the thinking that went behind the newest ad inventory the search giant announced at its annual Google Marketing Live event today.

Introducing Google Discovery Ads.

What are Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads target users at the top of the funnel when they are most perceptive to being introduced to a new brand or product.

As such, they are designed to be shown in the various feeds Google uses in its products.

Discovery Ads can appear in three specific Google products:

  • The Discover Section of Google Search
  • The YouTube homefeed
  • Gmail

"Ads Should Be Helpful"

The philosophy behind Google Discovery Ads is the belief that ultimately, ads should be helpful.

This goes back to the very foundation of how Google built its business.

The first ads Google ever ran on search connected people to things they were looking for based on what they typed.

It made it easy for anyone to find customers on search.

Fast forward to today, and although how we search may have changed, and ads may have become more engaging, the fundamentals remain the same.

Ads need to be relevant, helpful and personal.

Shifting Consumer Standards

Consumer have set the bar high for the types of ads they want to see.

Users want engaging experiences, they want ads that are personal, but at the same time they also want their privacy respected.

Brands are expected to understand their neeeds.

They expect more rich content such as images and video.

There is no longer a linear pad, with customer journeys taking many different shapes.

When we look at customer journeys, we see touch points that include searches, video views, page views. Touch points across several different surfaces.

Discovery ads are a response to this changing consumer behavior. They are a recognition that a consumer will view a YouTube video, open an email and also go to the Google Search base, and during any of these times and on all three of these platforms there are opportunities for an ad to be shown.

Rich creative

Finally, the Discovery Ads themselves will allow marketers to include rich content, such as a carousel format.

When you can understand what customers are looking for, and show them a personalized ad in the moment when they are open to learning something new, that means success.

According to Google, early tests have shown a 25% lower cost per lead on Discovery ads, which includes serarch and social.

Discovery Ads will begin rolling out globally later this year.

To get started using them, advertisers will have to choose to create a seperate Discovery campaign and upload different ad copy. Google then optimizes the combinations to find the best match using machine learning.

Discovery ads will appear in the Google Discover Feed on mobile, on the YouTube feed and in the social and promotion tabs of Gmail.

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