PPC News: Google Ads killing message extensions, Whatsapp ads coming in 2020

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Amazon Ads News

What to expect from Amazon in 2020

In 2019 Amazon doubled down on Echo devices, launched HD and 3D music streaming and had record-breaking sales on Black Friday and pre-Christmas, but 2020 is posed with risks, including anti-trust investigations in Europe and the United States.

Amazon sellers must update ads by Jan 13th

Free shipping promotions will no longer be supported with all ending and active free shipping promotions being terminated by January 13th. Many sellers expressed disappointment with the decision.

Facebook Ads News

What to expect from Facebook in 2020

While Facebook had a rough 2019, the company has many long-term projects in the works that could come to fruition in 2020, including its own voice assistant, unified messaging across Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp, cloud gaming, its own OS system and its own cryptocurrency and payment system.

Whatsapp is about to start showing users ads, and people are deleting their accounts

Ads will start popping up in "Status", WhatsApp's version of Instagram or Snapchat Stories, later this year.

Is your brand ready? Marketing through OTT messaging

OTT messaging platforms such as Messenger, Whatsapp and the DM capabilties of Instagram allow people to send instant messages back and forth through the internet. Here the best use cases for each OTT messaging platform are laid out.

Facebook Libra cryptocurrency has 'failed' in current form, Swiss president says

Ueli Maurer, who also serves as Switzerland’s finance minister, said that Facebook’s Libra would not be accepted by central banks and therefore not work as a currency.

Google Ads News

What to expect from Google in 2020

Google is pushing its Assistant in 2020, taking advantage of the wealth of search data it has at its disposal. Here's what to expect from the search giant in the upcoming year.

Google Ads is killing message extensions

In a post on the Google Ads Developer Blog, Google announced that starting January 27, 2020, message extensions will no longer be available. After that date, advertisers will not be able to create new or edit existing message extensions.

The paid search shifts of 2019 that will shape how we market in 2020

Automation, full-funnel campaigns, shoppable ads and privacy fueled PPC changes in 2019.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram could become bigger revenue source than Facebook's main app

Instagram has quickly become a significant source of ad revenue for Facebook, generating an estimated 20% of the company's total last year. That number should climb even higher in 2020, as Facebook continues to improve Stories ads, which are heavily weighted toward Instagram.

Microsoft Ads News

Microsoft Advertising launches sweepstakes for advertisers

Entries are open for agencies in the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec), U.K., Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.

Pinterest Ads News

How Pinterest is pitching its ad business in UK

Pinterest has been sharpening up its proposition, improving its ad business and how buyers run campaigns in order to capture more money from U.K. agency budgets.

Pinterest bulls see a marketer’s gold mine in the making

Pinterest’s pitch for marketers is that, although advertisements often act as a distraction on other sites, more users come to its site with an intent to make a purchase. That makes ads an inherent part of the Pinterest user’s experience, rather than something negative, the company said in its prospectus.

Social media is fast becoming your customers’ product research tool, so look beyond Google

Historically, consumers have always headed to search engines to engage with products, leading to the rise of SEO and PPC. But users are increasingly moving to social media first, particularly Generation Z, and visual search apps like Pinterest are set to benefit.

Snapchat Ads News

6 things Snap does better than Facebook

Snap remains an underdog in the social networking market, but it still does at least half a dozen things better than Facebook, including Generation Z appeal, more growth in Europe and North America, fewer privacy concerns and more.

Snap reportedly acquires deep fake startup

The company's tech is used in Snapchat's new Cameos feature, which lets you insert selfies into a scene to send as a looping video.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube to limit data collection on children's videos

Changes in response to federal privacy clampdown could hit creators’ wallets.

Other Ads News

Spotify is the latest company to ban political ads

The company says it doesn't have an advanced enough vetting system in order to allows only legitimate advertisements.

Walmart launches self-service ad platform, but retail, audience data not yet available

Walmart's retail data, and the ability to attribute online search activity to in-store sales, would be a huge advantage for Walmart over Amazon, which struggles to measure the impact of advertising on offline sales.

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