PPC News: Twitter Redesign, Microsoft Ad Customizers, Instagram Explore Ads

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon Prime Day is a cheap knockoff of Alibaba’s Singles Day

Chinese tech companies are usually accused of copying western technology. But increasingly, it is US tech giants copying Chinese innovations, as evidenced by Amazon's Prime Day, a copycat version of Alibaba's Singles Day.

Gauging The Impact Of Advertising On Amazon

Amazon is beginning to resemble a media organization, as its ad business catches up to the heights of Google and Facebook.

Amazon and Google are listening to your voice recordings

Amazon first admitted it, aand then Google followed. Here are the specifics about what data Google and Amazon gather from voice recordings.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook will now show you how to opt out of targeted ads

Facebook launched a transparency tool this week that will give people a little more information about how its targeted ads work. Now you can see more details about why you’re seeing an ad in your feed, how it is linked to an ad agency, and how to opt out of interest-based ad campaigns run by businesses that have your information.

How to create killer Facebook video ads

People gaze at Facebook video ads five times longer than static content. Some tips when creating video ads on Facebook include to optimize for silence, grab attention immediately and turn images into video.

Google Ads News

Google augmented reality ads debut on the New York Times

Google has been teaming up with magazines and museums to place digital information, which you can only see through its Lens technology, on top of real-world objects. Looking at any of the three printed ads through Lens shows their true form.

I used Google Ads for social engineering. It worked.

Ad campaigns that manipulate searchers’ behavior are frighteningly easy for anyone to run, as this investigation by the NY Times shows.

Google to display customer photos in Shopping Ads

Google is now allowing customer photos to be shown when the shopping ad includes a review left by the customer.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram's new Explore Ads signal potential changes to organic reach

Instagram's new Explore page ads will bring more opportunities for marketers, but they also raise concerns about the limit of organic reach, which some claim has already happened in the Instagram feed.

Microsoft Ads News

Microsoft creates blueprint for successful customer experiences

To deliver valuable customer experiences, Microsoft recommends hiring a Customer Journey Officer, combining fist and third-party data analysis, partnering with agencies and more, according to a new official blog post.

Microsoft Advertising makes available ad customizers for all advertisers

Microsoft Advertising has launched ad customizers for its customers globally, which enable publishers to create hundreds of different ad variations with just one ad copy.

Microsoft is slipping app ads into Android menus

Microsoft may be quietly adding ads to its apps on Android phones in the share and open menus.

Pinterest Ads News

Is Pinterest quietly becoming a threat to Instagram?

Pinterest could pose a big trheat to Instagram's eCommerce plans, as the two have overlapping interests and audiences.

Pinterest debuts fresh video tools for brands

Pinterest has introduced four video-related updates for creators and brands on its platform, including allowing creators to upload video content directly, per blog post.

Reddit Ads News

Reddit collaborates with Oracle to increase brand safety for advertisers

After this collaboration, it will be easier for Oracle to use its Contextual Intelligence technology to provide a real-time content review to advertisers. The motive of this integration is to provide the safety controls over the type of content for which their campaigns run.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat launches 'creator shows' with ad-revenue deal

Celebrities and influencers will begin airing short-form programs on Snapchat in a move to extend audience engagement and monetize video content.

Snap turns to search giant Baidu to court Chinese advertisers

Snap renews two-year old deal with Baidu that authorizes the Chinese search giant to be a reseller of Snapchat ads for companies in China, Japan and South Korea where Baidu runs a portfolio of mobile apps.

Twitter Ads News

Ready or not, here comes the new Twitter

Twitter is rolling out a new design of its app for the first time in seven years, the biggest change to the app since increasing the character limit for tweets from 140 to 280 characters. Here is what to expect from the change.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube criticized by creators for too many ads

YouTube's new back-to-back ads have been called out by creators as particularly annoying, given that there is no limit for how many mid-roll ads can be added to a video. Some are saying YouTube ad saturation has arrived.

Politics & Society

Brave browser blocks trackers, pays users to watch ads

Alternative browsers focused on privacy are gaining popularity. The Brave browser follows in the footsteps of Safari and Mozilla Firefox to protect user privacy, but unlike the latter two, is much more open about the amount of ads and trackers it blocks. It also allows users to get paid to watch ads, where the advertisers send 70% of revenues to users and 30% goes to Brave.

PDFs Worth Reading

Amazon Advertising drives sales growth outside of Amazon

According to a new report on Omnichannel marketing, Clicks, Bricks and Everything In Between, up to 70% to 90% of the impact of Amazon display ads actually drives non-Amazon sales.

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