PPC News: Google to build 'private web', FB Messenger launches automated lead generation

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon is pushing customers to buy its brands over competitors

A new Amazon feature pitches the e-commerce giant's private-label right before customers add rival products to their shopping carts.

Amazon updates attribution metrics

Amazon's new features include expanded availability outside the United States, social ad measurement and bulk operations that can generate up to 100,000 attribution tags.

Amazon releases new sponsored products targeting options

The new targeting options include four different match types: close match, loose match, substitutes and complements. And the product targeting can now target single products or categories while also refining by brand, price or star rating.

Amazon's Fast-Growing Ad Business Is Stepping Up Its Video Exposure

The e-commerce giant is making moves to grow its video and sales in an effort to better appeal to major brand advertisers.

Apple Ads News

Apple is going to stop listening to your Siri requests

Apple is changing the way its Siri audio review works on its devices. In an upcoming software update, Apple will make audio review an explicitly opt-in process, so that contractors no longer handle the data and only apple employees.

Apple likely to unveil latest iPhone on September 10

Apple will host an event on Sept. 10 at the Steve Jobs Theater in the company’s Cupertino, California campus, where it is widely expected to unveil new iPhone models.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook wants even more information on who is buying political ads

Facebook said this week that it will tighten some of its rules on political ads and will require more information about these ads' funding, as well as verification of the ad purchaser's identity.

Housing, employment, credit advertisers on Facebook must now use Special Ad Category option in Ads Manager

The new feature restricts ad targeting options and prevents advertisers from using Lookalike Audiences to prevent discriminatory ad practices.

Facebook rolls out automated lead generation feature for Messenger to all advertisers

The new offering allows businesses to create an automated question and answer experience within Messenger that launches via Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads for Facebook News Feed.

Google Ads News

Google vows to build more 'private' web

Google has announced plans to build what it has deemed 'a privacy sandbox' or set of open standards that it claims will fundamentally enhance privacy on the web.

Google Ads introduces seasonality adjustments for smart bidding

Smart bidding strategies set bids automatically to help advertisers improve the performance of their Google Ads campaigns. Seasonality adjustments for smart bidding will be added to search and display campaigns.

Google Ads to remove accelerated ad delivery option next month

Search and Shopping campaigns using accelerated delivery will be switched to standard delivery by October 1.

Instagram Ads News

How to see what ads Instagram thinks you’ll care about

Instagram provides a way for you to see what it thinks your interests are, so you can see what kinds of ads it’s going to serve you. These interests are pulled from accounts you follow, pictures you’ve liked, and other ads with which you’ve interacted.

Instagram confirms it is testing increased ad loads in Stories

The company reports it is experimenting with running back-to-back Story ads from different advertisers.

There really are more ads on Instagram now

Facebook executives last year instructed Instagram to "roughly double" the number of ads in the app, according to a new report in The Information.

Microsoft Ads News

Windows 10 privacy: Microsoft faces new probe over how it uses your data

Microsoft so far has dodged the biggest fines that European privacy watchdogs have imposed under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But the company could face a GDPR penalty after the Netherlands' data-protection office asked its Irish counterpart to investigate new aspects of Microsoft's Windows 10 telemetry data collection

All the Useless Windows 10 Features Microsoft Should Remove

Among the features are too many ads, which makes Microsoft's earlier campaigns to bash Google for advertising seem comical.

Pinterest Ads News

Pinterest is getting serious about fighting health misinformation

Users who search for health information on its platform will now only see results from major public health organizations, like the WHO. This comes in response to ads that attacked vaccines earlier in 2018 where Pinterest was heavily criticized.

Pinterest Reveals the Top Trending Searches for Fall 2019

Pinterest proclaims that fall is “back to life” season as searches for self-improvement topics spike as the summer comes to a close. This pattern typically occurs twice throughout the calendar year – once during the new year and again right before fall.

Reddit Ads News

Skip the traffic jam: Three alternative platforms to boost reach

Reddit, along with Pinterest and YouTube, are three alternative platforms where the right brand with the appropriate niche can better market their product with less competition. Specifically for Reddit, you get an engaged, highly-knowledgable audience in hyper-focused communities.

Reddit launches five-day live-streaming test

Reddit is taking on live-streaming which, if successful, could turn it into a rival against platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Snapchat Ads News

Facebook preparing new app to maintain pressure on Snapchat

Threads app will encourage ‘frictionless’ data sharing with selected Instagram followers.

4 tips for launching winning Snapchat Ads

For marketers and brands looking to connect with younger, mobile-first audiences, Snapchat is a potential goldmine for finding and acquiring new customers, and fortunately, they've built a fairly powerful suite of advertising tools that brands can now leverage.

Snap Updates Lens Studio With New Templates And Landmarkers

Snap has updated its Lens Studio desktop app with 14 new Landmarkers, six new facial templates, and an interactive tour for new users.

TikTok Ads News

TikTok follows Snap and Facebook by launching plan to run ads in other apps

TikTok is following Snap and Facebook by launching an audience network, meaning it wants to make more money from advertising that appears on other apps.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter Introduces More Flexible Bidding Options for Video Ads

Twitter is giving advertisers the option to bid on the first 6 seconds of a video ad view. Advertisers will still have the security of transacting on a longer view, while still providing an optimal short-form video experience.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube’s CEO says it’s “more important than ever” to let people upload anything they want

In a letter addressed to creators on YouTube, CEO Susan Wojcicki says the platform is committed to remaining open because she thinks the upside of that approach very much outweighs the downside.

New YouTube Originals after Sep 24th will be free with ads

The new freemium model for YouTube’s original content begins after September 24, 2019. All YouTube Originals series, movies, and live events moving forward will be free to watch with ads for “non-members.”

YouTube is under fire for inappropriate kids videos. Rivals see an opening

The video service stands accused of breaking laws overseeing kids’ web habits, placing a massive library of media and accompanying revenue in jeopardy.

Politics & Society

Funders threaten to quit Facebook project studying impact on democracy

A group of philanthropies working with Facebook to study the social network’s impact on democracy threatened on Tuesday to quit, saying the company had failed to make data available to researchers as pledged.

Amazon to offer help for customers who search about suicide

Amazon plans to promote helpline phone numbers to customers who query its site about suicide, after searches on its site suggested users search for nooses and other potentially harmful products.

Google job search tool under EU microscope

EU regulators are checking Google for Jobs to see if the company unfairly favors its fast-growing tool for searching job listings.

PDFs worth reading

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Benefits of Combining Facebook and Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor ads - including bus shelter campaigns and billboards - might not be within the budget of most SMBs. But for those businesses that can afford it, there can be significant benefits to running outdoor campaigns in combination with Facebook promotions.

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