Pinterest 'shop-the-look' ads; Snapchat 3 min ads; Goodbye avg position

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Facebook Ads News

Facebook Ads and shopping posts will now get faster inventory uploads

Facebook is upgrading all product catalogs with a data feed file upload schedule to faster inventory uploads on September 30th, 2019. It's aim is to help you keep your catalog current and information about inventory accurate, while also providing customers a better customer experience

Facebook pixel outage may have impacted conversions, custom audience, dynamic ads reports

If you noticed a drop in your Facebook conversion reports this week, or unexpected fluctuations with your custom audiences or dynamic ads volume, Facebook has reported that it could have been the result of a pixel outage which prevented standard pixel events from being logged.

Facebook Could Connect Its Messenging Services as Soon as Next Year

The ability to send a message from, for example, Facebook Messenger to users of Instagram or WhatsApp, both of which are owned by Facebook, could arrive next year.

How to Successfully Promote Your Facebook Page Everywhere

A helpful breakdown for how to promote your Facebook page and why you still need to be doing it.

Google Ads News

Google Ads Smart Bidding can now optimize for store visits

Previously, smart bidding campaigns could only be optimized for online conversions. Now they can optimize for in-store visits.

Conversion tracking can now be set up during campaign creation

Whereas before users had to set up conversion tracking after setting up a campaign, now they can do it during the creation process, making it easier to prioritize.

Google Ads Sunsetting Average Position September 30th

The metric is being replaced by four new metrics: Impression (Absolute Top) %, Impression (Top) %, Search (Absolute Top) IS and Search (Top) IS.

Google experiments with contextual ads in run up to privacy legislation

The company is running ads targeted by site content, not personal data, on The Guardian website in U.K.

Google rolls out massive shakeup to ad business

Google’s top ad chief is shaking up the company’s organizational structure, which will impact everything from consumer privacy, ad fraud, measurement, as well as how ads are bought and sold.

Instagram Ads News

1/3 of Instagram users have bought directly from an ad, study finds

About 60% of Instagram users have followed a new brand on the image-sharing app after seeing an appealing ad in its vertical feed or in Stories, per a study that video technology startup VidMob shared exclusively with Mobile Marketer.

Instagram to block users under 18 from seeing ads for weight loss products

Instagram and Facebook announced a new policy that will block users under the age of 18 from seeing content that promotes weight loss or cosmetic procedures. This will include ads offering discount codes or price incentives to purchase products and procedures.

Influencers prepare for an Instagram without likes

At the heart of Instagram's influencer industry is a simple premise: people can turn their popularity into profit. But this could all come to an end soon.

Instagram is reportedly testing dark mode, here’s what it looks like

According to reports by Android Police and 9to5Google, Instagram is testing a dark mode that not only works on Android 10, but on some previous versions too.

Microsoft Ads News

Microsoft Opens RSA Beta, Just in Time for the Holidays

Microsoft just gave advertisers a welcome gift: the responsive ads (RSAs) beta program is now open to all advertisers worldwide.

Pinterest Ads News

Pinterest unveils 'shop the look ads', retooled business profiles

Pinterest introduced several updates Monday with the aim of promoting shopping via its platform: Shop the Look ads in a new collections format for its mobile applications, a revamped business profile and the expansion of catalogs and shopping ads to more countries.

Pinterest Enhances Group Boards With New Collaboration Tools

Pinterest is enhancing users’ ability to collaborate on group boards with the roll out of three new features: new reactions, the ability to sort pins, and a communications hub.

Pinterest also adding own 'dark mode' option

Personal misgivings aside, it looks like Pinterest is close to adding a new dark mode option to its mobile app.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat launches three-minute ads, "goal-based bidding"

Advertisers will now be able to buy three-minute spots, supporting Snapchat's attempts to attract more entertainment and film clients.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter is cracking down on financial scams

Twitter has updated its policy on financial scams. As of today, users are not permitted to deceive others into sending money or personal financial information.

Twitter turns lists into multiple timelines users can swipe between

Twitter is now letting users add up to five lists as alternative timelines in the main Twitter app, allowing you to quickly swipe between different groups of accounts directly from your home screen.

Twitter Officially Rolls Out ‘Hide Replies’ Feature in the US

Twitter is giving users in the US the ability to hide replies to their own tweets.

YouTube Ads News

Google Adds New Video Campaign Options, Including Home Screen Ads on YouTube

Google is launching some new options to help marketers better manage their video ad campaigns, and reach consumers where they're most active.

YouTube taps machine learning to serve the best contextual ads for each user

YouTube is introducing a new way for marketers to upload and manage their various video campaigns, leveraging machine learning to automatically serve “the most efficient combination” of ad formats at the individual user level.

Digital Publishers Team Up to Compete Against YouTube for More Video Ad Dollars

Three prominent digital publishers are pooling their video ad space in an effort to better compete against YouTube, other digital platforms and TV networks. They include BuzzFeed, Group Nine Media and Insider.

Politics & Society

The battle for Instagram in 2012: How Facebook beat Twitter and Google

A breakdown of why Facebook decided to acquire Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion before TWitter and Google, and how Instagram has been a resounding success since.

Facebook reportedly spent more than $500 million to buy a mind-reading technology startup

The company, CTRL-Labs, makes a wristband that is said to decode electrical signals from your brain. By wearing the wristband, the company says, you'll be able to control a computer using your thoughts.

Digital Publishers Team Up to Compete Against YouTube for More Video Ad Dollars

Three prominent digital publishers are pooling their video ad space in an effort to better compete against YouTube, other digital platforms and TV networks. They include BuzzFeed, Group Nine Media and Insider.

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