PPC News: Facebook rolls out interactive ads, Google adds more automated bidding strategies

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon Launches Sponsored Display Advertising

Amazon has launched a new advertising campaign type for vendors and professional sellers aimed at addressing a big gap in Amazon's pay-per-click advertising offerings: the ability to retarget Amazon shoppers.

More of the products you view on Amazon are coming from ads

One out of 10 products pages you visit on Amazon comes from sponsored content, a 3 percentage point jump up from last year.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook’s new interactive ads let you play a game or try on lipstick colors

Facebook is rolling out “interactive” advertisements for its News Feed. The new formats let brands build ads with games or those that let consumers use augmented reality to experience a product.

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Effective Brand Building

Facebook has this week published a new guide to digital brand building with input from a range of successful, modern brands as to how they have built their businesses.

Facebook News Feed getting 60% of total ad spend across Facebook, Instagram

A new report reveals that Facebook News Feed ads earn the highest CTR compared to Facebook video ads and both Instagram news feed and Story ads.

Google Ads News

Google Ads App Now Displays Campaign Optimization Scores

Optimization score is a metric that was introduced last year – it’s designed to evaluate how well a Google Ads campaign is optimized. The score ranges from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your account is set up to perform at its full potential.

Google Ads Postpones Switching Search & Shopping Campaigns to Standard Delivery

Google Ads has decided to postpone switching search and shopping campaigns from accelerated delivery to standard delivery. Originally it was supposed to make the switch on September 17, but now it will take place on October 7.

Google Ads Offers More Choices for Automated Bidding Strategies

Google Ads is expanding its automated bidding solutions by giving advertisers three more options to choose from. These include 1) a new way to pay for campaigns 2) expanded support for non-guaranteed deals and 3) the ability to manage automated bidding at the insertion order level

Instagram Ads News

Instagram Implements New Restrictions on Diet and Cosmetic Surgery Ads

After consulting with various experts on mental health and wellbeing, Instagram has announced that it will implement new restrictions on posts related to diet products and cosmetic surgery.

Instagram tests running shopping posts as ads

A few select businesses will have the ability to run their existing shopping posts as ads in the Ads Manager.

Instagram Posts Can Now Be Scheduled in Advance Through Facebook

Instagram posts can now be scheduled to publish at a later time through Facebook’s Creator Studio. This functionality is available to all business accounts and also extends to IGTV videos and be scheduled up to six months in advance.

Microsoft Ads News

Twitch competitor Mixer adds ads, but it might be keeping the revenue for itself

Mixer, Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, has just rolled out its first ads, but it appears the only entity earning money from the ads will be Mixer itself.

Microsoft Advertising To Publish Targeting Play Book

The Audience Targeting Playbook outlines the success of moving from keywords to audiences, detailing strategies ranging from remarketing and customer match to LinkedIn profile targeting. It shows how to boost bids and improve on targeting by combining the brand’s data with Microsoft data on a variety of platforms.

Microsoft Advertising’s product, similar audiences now available to more advertisers

Two audience solutions are now in open beta. Product audiences is aimed at converting past site visitors, while similar audiences can help advertisers reach more new customers.

Pinterest Ads News

Pinterest Harnesses AI for Visual-Based Shopping

The company is leveraging its artificial-intelligence technology, fed by billions of images, to entice more users into buying items they see on its website or mobile app.

Pinterest Tries to Pin Down Carnival and Other Travel Marketers

The visual discovery platform is trying to position itself as a go-to travel app distinct from Instagram and Facebook.

Pinterest Adds New Emoji Reactions and Chat Features to Group Boards

The feature is designed to increase engagement and interaction within the platform's collaborative group boards.

Reddit Ads News

Reddit COO discusses how the platform is doubling ad revenue

Despite a lingering reputation for having a brand-unsafe environment (where subreddits have historically embraced white nationalism or toxic masculinity), the online bulletin board and collective of micro-communities is on target to double its ad revenue in the U.S. from $100 million in 2019 to $200 million in 2021, according to an eMarketer report from earlier this year.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat publishes report on how Gen Z engages with brands

The study goes into how the largest global generation interacts with brands and gives tips for how marketers can better reach this group through social media and ads.

76% of ad execs haven't placed ads on Snapchat, study says

The findings suggest that Snap needs to boost efforts to educate advertising professionals about its platform, which has a desirable demographic of young adults and teens.

Snapchat launches political ads library as 2020 election ramps up

Snapchat has launched a political ads library similar to Facebook's and Twitter's as the app increasingly becomes a campaign tool for the US 2020 presidential elections.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter releases marketing playbook for agencies

Twitter has released its Agency Playbook, an essential guide to its platform for ad agencies, marketers, and social media managers for how to use the platform.

As user growth stagnates, Twitter turns to billboard ads

Unlike its social media giant peers, who are wallowing in cash like some new breed of tech hogs, Twitter has been struggling, and it is increasingly to the physical word to market itself.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube Looks to Give Brands Access to Cord-Cutters With Masthead Ads for TV

YouTube said television screens are its fastest-growing device, with daily watch time topping 250 million hours, so the Google-owned video site is taking steps to monetize that space.

YouTube stops counting ad views in its top music charts

YouTube is boosting the integrity of its music charts. The video giant will no longer count ad views toward rankings on the YouTube Music Charts, instead relying solely on "organic" views like direct links, embeds, searches and the Trending section.

Politics & Society

Washington Post builds ad network for publishers to take on Big Tech

The Washington Post next week will unveil Zeus Prime, a product that will allow companies to buy automated ads in real-time, similar to Big Tech platforms. Zeus will also support a new ad network that will include other publishers.

Mozilla and Creative Commons want to reimagine the internet without ads, and they have $100M to do it

Funding online content with small consumer payments rather than intrusive and privacy-compromising ads has for years been a goal for many internet theorists and publishers.

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