PPC News: Twitter testing Topics, Facebook rebrands, New Google Ads Features

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Amazon Ads News

As shoppers lose interest in Amazon, brands shift to selling on Walmart

A new survey shows that shoppers are abandoning Amazon for better deals on other online retail platforms like Walmart and Ebay.

Is Amazon past its prime?

Prime membership rates are dropping, signalling that Amazon is becoming less attractive for shoppers.

Suspended Amazon sellers are being stifled by an email glitch as holidays loom

Amazon sellers who have been suspended sellers are finding it impossible to get reinstated because of a bug that’s sending them an error message. The email glitch may be affecting thousands of third-party sellers on Amazon’s marketplace.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook rebrands to create visual distinction between company, social app

Facebook will use the new branding on the services it owns – such as image-sharing app Instagram and messaging service WhatsApp. It will continue to use the lowercase, blue lettering for its social networking app, which was established 15 years ago.

The fight against financial advertisers using Facebook for digital redlining

Facebook's lookalike audience targeting options are under increasing scrutiny as class action lawsuits contend discrimination against certain ethnic, gender, race or age groups.

Facebook to limit number of ads Pages can run simultaneously

The change is expected to impact a small percentage of advertisers, starting mid-2020.

Google Ads News

Google Ads Editor Gets New Features & Support For New Campaign Types

Google Ads Editor has been updated with support for new campaign types as well as several new features, such as shared negative keyword lists, searchable errors, condensed edit pane, image names and maximize conversation value for search campaigns.

Google Weighs Changes to Political Ad Policy

Discussions come after Twitter said it would bar most political ads amid spread of misinformation.

'Tossed my Fitbit in the trash': users fear for privacy after Google buys company

Fitbit says data of its 28 million users will not be sold or used for Google ads, but there are no guarantees this will not change.

Pinterest Ads News

The Pinterest Holiday Shopping Report: Gift inspiration for everyone on your list

Pinterest has published a holiday shopping report with an overview of how to use the platform to target customers as the holiday season approaches.

The top trends for November 2019

Pinterest also published its top pins in November which indicate search trends among its 300 million user base.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter is rolling out Topics, a way to follow subjects automatically in the timeline

You will be able to follow more than 300 “topics” across sports, entertainment, and gaming, just as you are currently able to follow individual accounts. In return, you’ll see tweets from accounts that you don’t follow that have credibility on these subjects.

Beware More Closed-Off Conversations on Twitter

The features would include 1) Remove me from this conversation, 2) Don’t allow RT of this tweet 3) Don’t allow people to @mention me without my permission 4) Remove this @mention from this conversation 5) Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest, or these friends

Is Twitter being genuine when it bans political ads?

Twitter has taken the opposite route of Facebook when banning political ads, but this ignores how politicians use Twitter mostly for organic reach.

YouTube Ads News

Google Rolls Out New Extensions for YouTube Ads

Like Google’s search ad extensions, the extensions for video campaigns invite users to take additional action beyond the traditional ad click. YouTube ad extensions can be used to direct users to a physical store location, submit lead generation forms, and other calls-to-actions. Extensions are displayed directly under the video.

Even on YouTube you're not safe from Google Shopping ads

With the holidays approaching, YouTube is about to get even more cluttered with advertisements. You'll soon start to see Google Shopping ads in your YouTube search results and homefeed.

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