The Top YouTube Ads Of 2020

A look back at the most successful ads on YouTube in 2020.

Just before the year's end, YouTube has released its top 10 ads in 2020.

An extraordinary year filled with pandemics and shutdowns meant that the ads that made the list this year were notably different to previous years.

Among the top contenders were Nike, Google, Hyundai and many more.

Ads on YouTube were watched a total of 470 million times and over 1.3 million likes generated.

We gathered the list together in one post so you could watch them all in one place. Enjoy!

1. Nike - Never Too Far | You Can't Stop Us

Date: May 23, 2020
Views: 117 million (Dec 2020)
Likes: 38,000
The top ad went to Nike, featuring a theme of overcoming the odds and making a comeback, a fitting topic considering the challenges people all over the world have had to face in 2020.

2. Google - Loretta

Date: Jan 28, 2020
Views: 62 million (Dec 2020)
Likes: 95,000
Google's ad focuses on the memories a man has for the love of his life and how Google Search can help with that.

3. Hyundai - Smaht Pahk

Date: Jan 27, 2020
Views: 44 million (Dec 2020)
Likes: 76,000
Hyundai's superbowl ad pushed its smart car, which included Remote Smart Parking Assist and paid homage to the town of Boston.

4. Lost & Crowned - A Short Film

Date: Sep 11, 2020
Views: 44 million (Dec 2020)
Likes: 761,000

5. TurboTax - All People Are Tax People

This ad was removed from YouTube after premiering for the SuperBowl.

6. Apple - The Whole Working From Home Thing

Date: Jul 13, 2020
Views: 29 million
Likes: 193,000

Apple's ad focused on a theme that has touched us all. The benefits and drawbacks of working from home.

7. NFL - Next 100

Date: Feb 2, 2020
Views: 25 million
Likes: 163,000

The NFL's superbowl ad focused on the last 100 years of the sport and made a toast to the next century going forward.

8. GEICO Insurance - Aunt Infestation

Date: Aug 2, 2020
Views: 28 million
Likes: 32,000
Geico focused on the suprising uptick in homebuying in 2020 as people fled cities to buy homes in larger houses with more space.

9. GMC - Horsepower

Date: Jan 30, 2020
Views: 9 million
Likes: 12,000
GMC pushed their all-ectric, zero emissions GMC Hummer in an ad that paid homage to the original term that horsepower came from.

10. Jimmy Works It Out

Date: Jan 28, 2020
Views: 8 million
Likes: 7,000

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