PPC News in December 2020

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this month.

Each month we do the hard work for you and gather news related to Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other ad platforms that could affect your advertising strategies.

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Here is everything you may have missed in December.


Amazon Ads

Amazon to buy Wondery, injecting Amazon Music into a hot bidding zone for podcasts
(30 Dec 2020) - The tech giant hopes to popularize its streaming services and the hardware sales associated with streaming by investing in podcasts.

Amazon’s advertising business booms in pandemic
(29 Dec 2020) - As more and more merchants cram on to Amazon’s vast marketplace, brands that want to stand out are spending heavily on ads.

Facebook Ads

Nice Try, Facebook. iOS Changes Aren’t Bad for Small Businesses
(24 Dec 2020) - The social media giant would have you believe that Apple’s privacy update will hurt the little guys. But Facebook’s motives aren’t so altruistic.

Facebook managers trash their own ad targeting in unsealed remarks
(24 Dec 2020) - The internal documents suggest that Facebook's claim to champion small business should be scrutinized.

Google Ads

Big Changes from Google Ads in 2020
(23 Dec 2020) - 2020 was an eventful year for everyone, but Google made several permanent changes to its platform which are helpfully summarized here.

10 States Accuse Google of Abusing Monopoly in Online Ads
(16 Dec 2020) - The suit focuses on the advertisements that generate a vast majority of the company’s profits.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Showed Me My Own Bedroom in Ads
(29 Dec 2020) - Advertisers bank on personalising ads, but this was too much.

What would Instagram look like without Facebook?
(10 Dec 2020) - With the FTC case looming, Instagram has the chance to free itself from Facebook’s baggage.

Linkedin Ads

Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Audience
(30 Dec 2020) - LinkedIn is often overshadowed by Twitter and Facebook, but it offers enormous potential for advertisers, especially in B2B sales.

LinkedIn Starts Testing Ads in ‘Stories’
(10 Dec 2020) - The professional-networking platform wants users and brands to adopt a format known for its casual, personal nature.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft could soar 16% on 'unparalleled' cloud dominance and continued work-from-home
(30 Dec 2020) - The current work-from-home environment is catalyzing more workspaces to adopt cloud technologies, and Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has an unparalleled advantage here.

Microsoft argues it is ready for advertising in a post-cookie world
(15 Dec 2020) - Microsoft rebranded Bing Ads in order to reflect the wide array of advertising solutions across Microsoft properties available to advertisers.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features
(11 Dec 2020) - Pinterest boards are getting upgraded with three new features for turning inspiration into action.

Facebook's Latest Challenge Is a Gift for Pinterest
(3 Dec 2020) - Small businesses are increasingly frustrated with the social media giant and are moving to alternative platforms like Pinterest for ecommerce.

Reddit Ads

Reddit doubles down on ad verification with Oracle deal
(16 Dec 2020) - The partnership will provide third party verification on ad views in the social news aggregators first viewability measurement collaboration and independent verification of the viewability and reach of adverts carried on Reddit.

Reddit Buys Dubsmash in Bid to Compete With TikTok
(13 Dec 2020) - Reddit’s past had little to do with video, but its future may depend on it. The social media platform has bought Dubsmash, a TikTok-like social video platform, for an undisclosed sum.

Snapchat Ads

Snap Reaches Partnership With Unity on in-Game Ads
(17 Dec 2020) - Cross-platform game engine Unity entered into a partnership with Snap Inc. that gives advertisers on Snapchat access to Unity’s ads inventory and brings Snapchat technology to game developers via Snap Kit.

New Study Finds Response Rates to 6-Second Video Ads are Increasing
(11 Dec 2020) - A study reveals that six second ads on Snapchat are outperforming 15 second ads.

Twitter Ads

Twitter tests a new ad spending limit of $10 for quick promotion in one day
(15 Dec 2020) - Twitter is planning to add a feature that would allow advertisers to spend even less money from $10-$25 for quick promotions in one day. Currently the minimal daily budget is $50.

Twitter Is Introducing Frequency Caps For Ads Globally
(7 Dec 2020) - Twitter announced it’s introducing frequency caps for ads on its platform. The feature will be available globally.

YouTube Ads

YouTube unveils its top 10 most watched ads for 2020
(13 Dec 2020) - The year’s most-watched advertisements have been revealed by YouTube, with Nike, Google and Hyundai the creators of the three most popular in 2020.

Google will let you turn off YouTube ads for alcohol, gambling
(10 Dec 2020) - Starting with YouTube in the U.S., users will be able to toggle off ads for alcohol and gambling, two subjects that are very sensitive for a big swath of people.

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