PPC News: Facebook integration plans at threat; Instagram Stories up 70%

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon ad spend rises over Cyber 5, but most efficient sales days still ahead

While the five-day stretch between Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday saw Amazon sales increase $1.5 billion to $9.4 billion, on a conversation rate and cost-per-conversion basis, the best sales days are still ahead.

Are they listening? What Amazon knows about you

You talk about shoes with a friend, you see ads for shoes in your newsfeed. Everyone has experienced this, and consumers are wary of buying echo speakers as a result.

Advertisers increased Google Shopping spend by 32%, Amazon Sponsored Product by 50% YoY this holiday cyber weekend

The spend increase on Google Shopping came even in the face of greater competition from Amazon, signalling that search still has a key role to play for retail.

Apple Ads News

Apple’s ad-targeting crackdown shakes up ad market

Two years ago, Apple launched an aggressive battle against ads that track users across the web. Today executives in the online publishing and advertising industries say that effort has been stunningly effective—posing a problem for advertisers looking to reach affluent consumers.

Facebook Ads News

FTC may block Facebook from integrating messaging apps

The Federal Trade Commission could force Facebook to back out of its plans to integrate its family of apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, according to a WSJ report.

Is Facebook Dead to Gen Z?

Data shows that basically nobody younger than 20 is joining the platform. Facebook is dead;

Google Ads News

Google Ads Now Includes Location Extensions Automatically

If you have not connected your Google Ads account to a Google My Business location, Google will now link them if it detects a shared domain and country.

What we can learn from a decade of dead Google projects

A helpful trip down memory lane of Google projects that failed to materialize and what we can learn from them.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram Stories see 70% surge in ad spend

Stories also now make up 10% of Facebook's total ad revenue, another indicator that Instagram will be the company's key growth engine in the year's to come.

Facebook has made AR ads available to all marketers through its ad manager

Advertisers can now create and incorporate AR effects into their campaigns through Facebook's Spark AR engine and deploy the advertisements through the platform's ad targeting system.

Pinterest Ads News

Pinterest Publishes Listing of Top 100 Trends for 2020, Based on User Behavior

Called the 'Pinterest 100', the list, which has its own, dedicated mini-site, covers ten key categories, which Pinterest has identified based on search and general usage trends throughout the year.

Reddit Ads News

Reddit has released the most 'upvoted' posts of 2019, and it shows how much trolling is part of the platform's culture

The list reveals just how much the Reddit community considers no topic too sacred to touch and embraces trolls.

Snapchat Ads News

Snapchat's AR effects are getting more insane, and could live in smart glasses eventually

Two years after the arrival of Snap's Lens Studio software, new tools are pushing larger-scale creations, while Spectacles hint at headsets to come.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter wants to decentralize, but decentralized social network creators don’t trust it

The goal is to move Twitter from being a self-contained platform and start delivering content from a decentralized system, but it's been met with skepticism.

Other Ads News

Pandora launches interactive voice ads

In the new ads listeners are prompted to say “yes” after the ad asks a question and a tone plays. The ads will then offer more information about the product or brand in question.

Why Netflix may need to cut prices and run ads

Increasing competition in the streaming service space (Hulu, Disney, Amazon, Apple) may force Netflix to slash prices by offering a cheaper, ad-supported monthly subscription.

2020 & beyond: What’s next for video advertising?

Live video is growing rapidly and transforming the way brands think about the value of video content.

PDFs Worth Reading This Week

Facebook released 2020 topics and trends report

A collection of likely trends to go mainstream in 2020 broken down by region, including some interesting topics like milk baths, kimchi, and 'plant parents.'

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