PPC News in August 2020

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this month.

Each month we do the hard work for you and gather news related to Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other ad platforms that could affect your advertising strategies.

We hope this will help keep you up to date with the latest trends in the wider PPC world.

Here is everything you may have missed in August.


Amazon Ads

Walmart Announces Membership Service in Attempt to Compete With Amazon
(31 Aug 2020) - Walmart+ will cost $98 a year to receive free delivery for orders over $35. The company hopes to build on the success of its pickup grocery business.

Amazon spends billions to advertise on Google
(11 Aug 2020) - Bezos is buying internet traffic on the cheap using keywords on Google Search, bringing those potential customers inside Amazon.com, where they are more valuable to advertisers, then re-selling that traffic and scraping the profit.

Facebook Ads

iOS14 will impact mobile marketers
(27 Aug 2020) - Publishers who make use of Facebook’s Audience Network for mobile advertising will likely be taking a big revenue hit soon, Facebook says, due to iOS 14 privacy settings.

Facebook reveals trend data, gives advice on creative
(20 Aug 2020) - In a new report on changing global trends, Facebook shed marketing advice on five topics: Safe shopping, mindful wellness, global community, Gen Z and connected convenience.

Zuckerberg was right: Ad boycotts won’t hurt Facebook that much
(4 Aug 2020) - Though the movement may have hit Facebook reputation-wise, there doesn’t appear to have been much of an impact on revenue, and Facebook expects growth to continue despite the boycotts.

Google Ads

Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy
(31 Aug 2020) - Google has begun alerting advertisers that it will soon stop showing search queries that triggered their ads when there is not “significant” data.

Expanded Text Ads could be phased out 
(28 Aug 2020) - Some advertisers lost the ETA feature from their dashboard this month, although the company stated this was a test.

Apple could challenge Google's search dominance 
(28 Aug 2020) - There's been an uptick in job postings at Apple concerning search developers.

Google Discovery tests surfacing TikTok-esque short videos in new carousel
(24 Aug 2020) - Even Google is starting to copy TikTok and offer similar style videos, in a bid to boost engagement.

Instagram Ads

Scams thrive on Instagram 
(29 Aug 2020) - Over the past few years, scammers have been pulling a bait-and-switch on consumers, using Instagram ads to sell clothes, accessories, and home goods. The products look nice online, but when they arrive they’re often low quality knock-offs.

Instagram Guides may soon allow creators to recommend places, products and more
(27 Aug 2020) - The feature is reportedly in development at the moment, but would open up more influencer options for marketers.

Suggested Posts to now appear at end of your feed, new ad space
(19 Aug 2020) - The “Suggested Posts” feature gives Instagram a new surface where it can display ads that will appear alongside the suggested content from accounts you don’t follow, but Instagram thinks you might like. For advertisers, that means more chances for people to see their pitch.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising Editor gets updated with recommendations, campaign-level targeting
(19 Aug 2020) - The new features are designed to help advertisers with bulk campaign management and optimize performance.

Why Microsoft’s Potential TikTok Acquisition Probably Isn’t About Advertising
(5 Aug 2020) - The strategy is likely more about gaining exposure to and data on younger audiences while expanding its consumer-facing business.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat releases Shortcuts
(30 Aug 2020) - Now you can send snaps to multiple friends in a single tap without needing to make a group chat.

Snap Focus education model now includes more audience info
(5 Aug 2020) - According to the report, Snapchat users are least likely to use Twitter, while the opposite was true of Instagram.

TikTok Ads

China passes law complicating efforts to sell TikTok to US company
(30 Aug 2020) - The new restrictions cover computing and data-processing technology exports which could delay or prevent a sale of TikTok to the US.

How TikTok could turn Walmart into an advertising powerhouse
(28 Aug 2020) - By teaming up with Microsoft to acquire TikTok’s U.S. operations, the e-commerce giant could take on Google, Facebook, and Amazon’s huge ad businesses.

Twitter Ads

How to use Twitter Lists to upgrade your marketing game
(27 Aug 2020) - Lists allow marketers to keep tabs on their competitors, follow brands for inspiration and keep up with industry trends.

Diversify ad formats for better results
(5 Aug 2020) - Twitter says that multiple video ad formats will help your campaigns perform better on the platform.

YouTube Ads

Google Ads Advertisers Can Now Capture Leads From YouTube
(6 Aug 2020) - Google is bringing lead form extensions to ads on YouTube, allowing advertisers to capture leads while people watch videos.

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