MCC Audience List Sharing: A New Google Ads Feature

Google adds new audience sharing option for MCC accounts.

Good news for Google Ads advertisers. Google has launched a new feature simplifying sharing audiences within your manager accounts (MCC).

Similar to how sharing Pixels across all accounts works with Facebook Ads, the new MCC-level sharing setting will make all audience lists in an MCC account available to all of the sub-accounts.

As Google put it in an official update on their website:

"Whether your goal is to increase sales or drive brand awareness, remarketing to people who have already engaged with your website can help you grow your business. With a manager account, you can share audience lists across accounts–but it requires multiple steps to set up. To make it easier to quickly share your audience lists, you can now enable continuous audience sharing in your manager accounts."

How does it work?

Should you choose to opt into the feature, any remarketing lists created in your manager account will be shared with all of your existing and future sub-accounts.

These accounts will be able to receive lists from multiple manager accounts, and you will still have control over which lists are active.

Over the next few months, Google plans to add another option as well, namely, the ability to share audience lists created specifically within a sub-account with the MCC.

Why is Google adding the feature?

It looks like Google is taking a page out of Facebook's playbook here.

Just like with Facebook, if you have an account in a specific niche, say real estate, you will be able to share audiences from that account to another client's account in the MCC that operates in the same niche and build out from there.

As you can see, this can be a powerful way to quickly create audiences for new clients that get onboarded onto the MCC.

Tips for MCC audience sharing

Some things to keep in mind is to make sure you have permission to share an audience list from one account to another account in the MCC.

Secondly, it's important to keep in mind the privacy policies of the users that the remarketing list is built on. If the list was gathered without proper consent from users, this could cause problems down the road and is best to avoid.

This new feature will massively simplify list sharing for agencies and businesses that manage multiple accounts. As long as the accounts are under an MCC, then list sharing will be quick and easy.

Google has released step-by-step instructions for how to enable and share lists in an MCC between different sub-accounts. You can check out their specific instructions here.

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