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Why do Single Keyword Ad Groups Improve Campaign Performance?

Top 10 reasons Single Keyword Ad Groups are great

There are a lot of articles talking about why SKAGS are amazing, but here is a condensed overview covering the advantages of SKAGs and how you can build some of your own.

The idea is simple: SKAGs are a Google Ads campaign structure where there is only one keyword in each ad group. The reason so many PPC marketers get excited about this structure is because of the results:

1. A better way to test: by isolating variables (keywords and ads) you get a more accurate understanding of what works and what doesn’t compared to traditional keyword grouping methods.

2. Improved CTR: putting more than one keyword in each ad group means the keywords are all competing to be relevant for one ad. With one keyword per ad group, your CTR takes off because your keywords are so tightly connected to the search term.

3. Quality score goes up: as keyword relevancy and CTR goes up, so will your quality score.

4. Reduced Cost Per Click: quality score influences the price it costs for your ad to be shown. With a higher quality score, your CPC will go down.

5. Reduced Cost Per Conversion: pretty straightforward, if your Cost Per Clicks are going down, your Cost Per Conversion will be going down as well.

6. You set a strong foundation for your campaign structure: with SKAGs it is easy to decide how to group your keywords, you don’t need to think about it. And when you want to add more keywords, you are just adding more ad groups. This simple and clean account structure makes maintenance easier.

7. Better positioning: a better CTR and Quality Score also help you get better positioning.

8. Find and solve issues faster: because of the simple campaign structure, it will be easier to diagnose usual issues, such as why certain ad groups or keywords are not performing.

9. Better control over your negative keywords: you can be more precise with your negative keywords at an ad group level because in your ad groups you will have one keyword (in 3 or 4 match types).

10. Profits go up: when your costs are decreasing and your campaign performance is increasing, you are making more money!

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