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An Overview of Aori

Aori in a nutshell. This is a good starting point.

Aori is a set of tools that simplify digital marketing for Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads. Each tool is built to save time for the marketing manager and create campaigns that will perform better than what can be made in the editors native to each ad platform. Here are the tools Aori has:

1. SEM Tool

Our SEM Tool is in fact, two tools bundled together that you get for the price of one, namely our Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG) Tool and our Single Theme Ad Groups (STAG) Tool. You can build SKAG and STAG campaigns for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Below you'll find an overview of these tools.


Our SKAG Tool is what started it all. This tool creates campaigns in Google Ads faster than what can be made with the Google Ads Editor or web interface. (From tests with a few senior performance marketers, we have found Aori is at least 5X faster.) But speed is only one part.

Performance is also improved. Aori creates campaigns using the Single Keyword Ad Group method. This is an industry and time-proven approach to building high-performing campaigns. Creating campaigns that are super-granular and give the marketing manager full control isn't a new idea. But the issue is campaigns in this structure take a lot of time to build and manage. Aori steps in by making this fast and easy.


In case marketers prefer a more traditional approach to structuring their campaigns and would like to add more than one keyword to their ad groups, Aori also offers the ability to create Single Theme Ad Groups (STAGs). With STAGs, marketers can add more keywords into one ad group to ensure more visibility and impressions, while at the same time keeping traffic tight and relevant.

Microsoft Advertising Tool

Our users asked for our Google Ads Tool to have a native connection to Microsoft Advertising, and we answered with this Microsoft Advertising Tool. While Microsoft Advertising does have a campaign import tool from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Google have their own idiosyncrasies. To get top-performing campaigns in Microsoft, the campaigns need to be built in Microsoft Advertising, and Aori creates native Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

Aori's Microsoft Advertising Tool adds value by speeding up campaign creation compared to Microsoft Advertising's Editor and web interface. It creates campaigns using either the Single Keyword Ad Group method or Single Theme Ad Group method, both of which are proven to improve campaign performance in Bing Search.

These three tools come bundled together as one when you purchase our SEM Tool. With our SEM Tool, you can create SKAG campaigns and STAG campaigns for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Budget Manager

Aori's second major tool is our Budget Manager. The Budget Manager is a budget management tool designed to be used by anyone managing digital marketing campaigns. Aori reduces the amount of time and manual work that is required to properly manage, analyze and report on the performance of campaigns. Aori works across several marketing platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

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