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Managed Services

About our campaign management service


For clients who would like some help in managing their campaigns, we offer Managed Services, which means our team of performance marketers will manage your Google, Bing and Facebook campaigns for you.


Our approach to creating digital marketing tools is different, and so is our approach when it comes to managing Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon campaigns. Our performance marketers are tech-enabled and using the most modern tools available for building and optimizing campaigns. This keeps the costs down and the performance of your campaigns up.

Our team of performance marketers have managed millions of dollars in ad spend for mostly SMBs (both small and large budgets). We do everything from campaign creation to the optimization of already existing campaigns, and everything in between.


Fundamentally, we focus on finding digital marketing solutions that will support your business goals in a way that saves you time and money (and gives you peace of mind). We want to simplify your digital marketing work so you can focus on developing the other parts of your business.


When using Aori's Managed services you will get an account manager who will work with you to establish your marketing goals. After that, you will get weekly reports of the progress of your campaigns.


Our Managed Services start at $300 per month. Please contact us via chat to learn more. Chat with us

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