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Why did you make Aori?
It all started after we fell in love with the Single Keyword Ad Group method of organizing campaigns and decided to create a tool that would make it easier for anyone to create campaigns with this structure. Since then we have moved on to other platforms and approaches.

Can Aori be used alongside other Ads software?
Yes, Aori can be used in combination popular tools like Marin, Kenshoo, Opteo and many others.

How many accounts can be connected?

Can Aori create Display Ads or remarketing?
No, our method of campaign creation wouldn’t work with display ads. Only search ads can be created.

Does Aori build campaigns with "Include Google search partners" and "Inlcude Google Display network" turned on?
No, this is by default off in Aori. These options tend to be a waste of budget.

What digital advertising platforms do you currently support?
Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and Amazon Advertising.

How much does Aori cost?
It depends on the users' adspend. On a monthly basis subscription means unlimited campaign uploads for a 30 day period. Yearly and quarterly plans are also available.

How long does it take to setup Aori?
Just a few minutes: connect your Google Ads account and get started making campaigns.

Is there a minimum ad spend to use Aori?
Nope :)

Do I need to know a lot about Google/Microsoft/Facebook/Amazon Ads to use Aori?
Nope, we made Aori so that anyone with a basic knowledge of Google/Microsoft/Facebook/Amazon Ads will be able to benefit.

What if I need help setting up my first campaign?
Send us a message on our chat or at [email protected], we are ready to help you!

Do you support multiple currencies?
All currencies are supported, but before the campaign is uploaded it will be shown in the default USD. After it is uploaded it will be shown in the currency of your ad platform account.

What langauges are supported?
For ad text characters, almost all languages are covered except Asian languages. But our interface is only in English.

What are the default match types that Aori uses?
By default Aori uses 3: broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match for each keyword. But, you can select which of the four match types you want your campaigns to be created.

Does Aori automatically import campaigns when I connect my account?
Nope, Aori will only import campaigns that you specifically tell it to.

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