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Connections and Uploading

Information about connecting Google and Microsoft Advertising and what happens during the uploading process

Aori allows you to upload the SKAG and STAG campaigns you make to a an ad platform (Google or Microsfot Ads). You can connect an unlimited amount of campaigns.

When creating a SKAG or STAG campaign, at the end of the process you will need to connect an ad platform account to upload the campaign you made. If you are using an Manager Account (previously MCC), you can select a sub-account where you want the SKAG campaign to be uploaded.

You can also convert a campaign to SKAG in Aori. First you connect the campaign, then Aori duplicates it (to not make any changes to your current camapaign) and then converts the keywords and ad groups into SKAGs.

When you create a SKAG or STAG campaign it will be uploaded to the ad platform you have connected. By default, this new campaign will be set to "paused" as a safety measure. You can enable the newly created campaign in the ad platoform.

The amount of time it takes to upload a campaign will vary depending on the amount of keywords and ads you have created in Aori. A smaller campaign (50-5k keywords) will upload in a few minutes. Larger campaigns (15k+ keywords) can take up to fifteen minutes.

Once the campaign is uploaded to the ad platform, it's best to make any updates to the campaign in Aori. Updating campaigns in Aori is super fast and much easier than in the ad platforms. To add new keywords, go to the Keywords step. Once a keyword is added there, Aori will generate an ad group for that keyword and all the ad templates you made along with keyword insertion. That is much faster than doing things in the ad platforms where you would have to make a new SKAG for each new keyword and then add in the ads manually.

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