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Connections and Syncing

Information about connecting Google and Bing Ads and what happens during the syncing process

Aori allows you to sync the SKAG campaigns you make to Google Ads account to enable optimizations. You can connect an unlimited amount of campaigns.

When creating a SKAG campaign, at the end of the process you will need to connect your Google Ads account to sync the campaign you made. If you are using an MCC (My Client Center), you can select a sub-account where you want the SKAG campaign to be synced.

To connect an existing Google Ads campaigns, click "Add" on the dashboard and then "Connect Existing Campaign." Only individual campaigns will be connected to Aori. Aori does not connect complete accounts. After you connect your account, you will see it in Aori's Dashboard.

Existing campaigns that you just connect to Aori will not be converted into SKAG campaigns. If you have connected an existing campaign, you can track the performance in the Dashboard and optimize based on goals you have created there.

You can also convert a campaign to SKAG in Aori. First you connect the campaign, then Aori duplicates it (to not make any changes to your current camapaign) and then converts the keywords and ad groups into SKAGs.

If you are using an MCC, you cannot just connect the MCC and therefore all accounts and campaigns will be connected to Aori. You can only individually select and connect the campaigns from the sub-accounts.

When you create a SKAG campaign it will be synced to the Google Ads account you have connected. By default, this new campaign will be set to "paused" as a safety measure. You can enable the newly created campaign in Google Ads.

The amount of time it takes to sync a campaign will vary depending on the amount of keywords and ads you have created in Aori. A smaller campaign (50-5k keywords) will sync in a few minutes. Larger campaigns (15k+ keywords) can take up to fifteen minutes.

Once the campaign is synced in Google Ads, any changes you make in Google Ads (keywords, ads, bids) will be automatically synced and reflected in Aori within a matter of minutes. Likewise changes made in Aori will be quickly reflected in Google Ads automatically.

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