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Does Aori have a free trial?
In the traditional sense of a time-period based trial, no. Aori is totally free to use for an unlimited amount of time. The only time you have to pay is when you want to sync your campaigns to any of the advertising platforms supported by Aori.

Are there any usage limits?
There are no limits on the amount of campaigns, accounts and MCCs connected, keywords or anything else. For teams, there is an additional $5 per person.

What is the difference between the Flex and Monthly plan?
With Flex, you are just paying on a per campaign basis for each campaign you sync to an advertising platform. You can mange (add keywords or ads) these campaigns in Aori under the Flex plan forever. With the Monthly plan you can sync an unlimited amount of campaigns for 30 days.

Is the Monthly plan a subscription?
Yes, every month you will get charged for the subscription unless you cancel it.

Do you have yearly plans?
Yes! The Annual plan is ~25% cheaper than the Monthly plan.

What happens when I change plans?
Flex is the default plan (because it is free unless you sync a campaign), so when you start the Monthly plan, you automatically switch over. If you are on the Monthly plan, and you cancel your subscription, then you will go back to the Flex plan at the end of your billing period. **

What happens if I cancel my paid plan?
For the Monthly plan, this means that you will continue to have full-access to the Monthly plan until the end of your billing period. In other words, you do not lose access to the Monthly plan the day you cancel it.

How is the payment processed?
We are using Stripe to securely process all transactions.

What happens if my payment fails?
Stripe is setup to automatically try again three times. After that, you will need to contact support via chat to find a new payment solution.

Do you offer refunds?
For the Monthly and Annual plans, yes we have a 15-day return policy. For the Flex plan, we do not refund the money because you now have the campaign in your advertising platform account.

Does Aori support teams?
Coming soon...

Does Aori have a referral program?
Also coming soon...

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