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Tour of Aori's Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaign creation

How to build new campaigns that will be synced to either Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising

Here we will give an overview of Aori's main features.

Notable new features:

  • A single unified dashboard: We reduced our 3 step approach to a single dashboard with all the information available from one page. No more switching back and forth between unncessary pages and steps.
  • URL-based keyword ideas: Enter your URL and get keyword ideas directly in Aori.
  • Google Sheets integration: Import a list of keywords in a Google Sheet directly in Aori.
  • Advanced keyword <> ad template linking: Decide exactly which ads will be shown for which keywords at scale.

Keyword Mixer

Aori's Keyword Mixer works by multiplying separate word order lists together to create all possible combinations of keywords. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Aori will take these six words, multiply them together to create 12 keywords that you can create SKAGs for.

In addition, Aori will pull in data from the keyword planner in Google to give estimated impressions, CTR and CPC for the keywords for the time period and location you select for your campaign. If you don't like a keyword, you uncheck them manually by clicking on the blue checkmark.

It's important to pay attention to which word list you mark as 'additional' and which you mark as 'essential.' Essential words are your root keywords, and are the foundation for which your keywords will be built around. Additional words will be added to the essential words, but will never be a keyword on their own. What this means is that Aori will create keywords for "bikes", "bicycles" and "scooters", but not for the words "vintage", "retro" and "old" on their own.

Keyword Suggester

The Keyword Suggester allows you to search for a url and get keyword ideas. It is fully integrated with the keyword planner, so no more having to switch over to Google to do your keyword research. Now you can do it all in Aori. Simply click on the Keyword Suggester:

And then put in the website of a competitor or your own website and Aori will generate related keyword ideas.

The keyword suggester is available for both SKAGs and STAGs in the SEM Tool.

Keyword performance forecasts

Where the keywords are displayed there is data imported from the connected ad platform for Impressions, CTR and CPC for each keyword created. This makes Aori a very helpful keyword planner. For this to work, the ad platform must be connected so Aori can import this data and the location should be selected where the campaign will be shown.

Automatic cross-negative keywords

Behind the scenes, Aori helps prevent keywords from conflicting on an ad-group level by automatically creating negative keywords for any closely-related ad groups. You can read more about this feature here.

Ad templates

When an ad template is made in Aori, it will automatically be created for the keywords in the campaign. To add an adtemplate, click on the blue "add" button and choose what kind of ad you would like to create (text, call-only, RSA). We recommend you create 2-3 ad templates in order to test effectively test ad copy and see which ads perform the best.

Assigning ad templates to keywords

Ad templates are represented by a letter, "A," "B," "C," etc. This makes it possible to indicate in a simple way which templates will be shown for which words in the Keyword Connection Overview window on the left.

You can show specific ad templates for specific keywords by using the filters on the right to find the appropriate keywords and then assigning the template by the letter representing it.

Step 3


Aori allows you to see the complete campaign before it is assembled. To do this, use the Ad Groups card to click on the keywords to inspect the contents of this ad group. For each ad group, it is possible to see the keywords in their match types, the connected ads, any campaign-level and ad group-level negative keywords.

As a note, this is when you will also be asble to see the keywords the Automatic cross-negative keyword feature has created.


After building and inspecting the campaign it is ready to be uploaded.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Chat with us

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