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Aori's Keyword Builder

How Aori's Keyword Builder works and why it's better than Google's Keyword Planner

The Keyword Builder in Aori is a super quick way to build the keywords for a new campaign. To understand why, take a look at how it works.

List Multiplication

Aori takes a bank of words and multiplies it with another bank of words to find all the possible combinations:

Bank 1:
Square, Circle, Triangle

Bank 2:
Green, Red, Yellow

Bank 3:
Large, Small, Medium

Resulting keywords:

Square Green Large
Square Red Small
Triangle Yellow Medium

This can be especially useful if you are using synonyms, since discovering all these combinations manually would be time consuming.

Word Order Planner

Google's Keyword Planner allows you to multiply lists, but it does not let you decide on the order of the words. Considering the above example, Aori let's you decide which bank would be first and which second (and which would be third, fourth and beyond). You can do this in Aori's Word Order Planner.

To get started, click and drag the bank order in the Word Order Planner window to get the order that works for you. For example, you can select Bank 2 → Bank 1 → Bank 3, and get combinations like:

Green Square Small
Red Circle Large

And then there is a button that will overthrow all orders and find absolutely all combinations. In this case we would find Bank 1 in the first position, second position and third position, like this:

Square Green Large
Green Square Large
Green Large Square

Assigning URLs to keyword

It is a common practice to have ads going to several landing pages or to different pages within one site. Aori simplifies this by letting you assign URLs to keywords in the first bank with "all" turned on. Take a look at this example:

Bank 1:
Rent, Buy

Bank 2:
Houses, Apartments

Rent Houses
Rent Apartments
Buy Houses
Buy Apartments

In this case, you could assign a URL like homes.com/buy to all keywords containing "Buy," and a URL like homes.com/rent to all keywords containing "Rent."

This is a scalable approach to assigning URLs to campaigns with a large amount of keywords.

Performance forecasting for keywords

Aori connects to your Google Ads or Bing Ads account and will pull CTR, CPC and Impression data from your account based mostly on your account's performance, the locations you select for where your campaigns will be served, and the match types selected.

This gives you powerful insights into how your keywords will perform. All other keyword planning tools give you only generalized information. Keyword performance is decided by Google based on your account, so the only way to get accurate information on this, is to actually have your account integrated into whatever keyword tool you are using.

There is a "low search volume" warning that is displayed when there are keywords which are forcasted to get less than 100 impressions. This will help you filter out keywords that will likely not be useful.

Aori also helps you filter out keywords that don't meet the criteria you set.

Essential and Additional switch

At the bottom of each bank there is a button for Essential and Addtional. When turned on "Essential" the word(s) in this bank will be included in every keyword.

When "Additional" is turned on, the word will only sometimes be included. Take a look at this example:

Bank 1: (all on)
Red, Green, Blue

Bank 2: (some on)
Triangle, Square, Circle

Red Triangle
Green Square
Blue Circle

Keyword Suggester

From a database of 1.1m entries, Aori uses machine learning to help offer words and phrases that will expand the campaign’s keywords to new levels. You can find this feature on each bank.

When used together, these features will be faster than any Excel/scripting/manual work you are doing. Take a look for yourself and let us know any feedback you might have.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Chat with us

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