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Aori's Facebook Ads Tool Overview

The top features of Aori's Facebook Ads Tool

The Aori's Facebook Ads Tool helps marketers make scalable and high-performing campaigns in a unique way. Here are some of the key features:

  • Create and preview all combinations of all ad components: images, videos, ad text templates and CTAs (using the cartesian product method).
  • Drag and drop campaign building: drag audiences, images, videos and ad text templates from Aori's Asset Library.
  • Asset Library with accumulated statistics and 2gb storage: all images, videos and ad text templates are saved in Aori with their performance data to minimize the time spent on future campaign building.
  • Multiple ad formats in one campaign (test video vs. standard vs. carousel).
  • Create multiple ad sets quickly in one campaign with access to all audience variations (interest/behavior, gender, custom audiences, locations, age).
  • Automated adaptive crop: bulk upload images, adjust crop areas when required, and no manual pixel hunting when possible.
  • Simplified campaign management: update one image, video or ad text template, and have it updated across multiple ads and ad sets.
  • Continuous optimizations: accumulated data on ad compoents gives actionable insights.
  • Full review of campaign before synchronization to the user's Facebook Ads account.
  • Team functionality: collaborate with your team in one account.
  • Dark mode 🕶
  • Simple pricing: flat rates that don't increase with ad spend or connected accounts.
  • Supported formats: single image ad, single video ad, carousel ad with images and videos.
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