PPC News: Google Ads API back in beta, Instagram launches explore ads, Reddit CEO shares favorite (ad-friendly) subreddits

Our roundup of the top PPC news headlines this week.

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Amazon Ads News

Amazon encourages brands to go live for Prime Day

Amazon plans to "liven" up Prime Day on July 15 by encouraging brands to take advantage of new streaming opportunities on Amazon and Twitch that it hopes will boost sales even further during the made-up commercial holiday.

Amazon rebrands IMDb Freedive to IMDb TV, ramping up ad-supported video strategy

In a significant move for the company's larger advertising goals, Amazon is rebranding its barely six-month-old streaming service to further ramp up its ad-supported video strategy.

5 Amazon ad settings you shouldn't ignore

These include using both automatic and manual campaign mix, using all three keyword match types, limiting keyword duplication and more.

Facebook Ads News

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Demote Misleading Health Claims

Miracle cures for weight loss, baldness and other physical conditions will soon take a hit as Facebook attempts to clean the newsfeed from shady health products. It will do this by identifying phrases that are commonly used in such posts to predict when sensational health claims are made.

Facebook’s new terms of service explains how ads get targeted

Facebook has published new terms of service, giving more details on content removals, ad targeting, and users’ intellectual property rights. The new terms don’t represent a change in how the platform actually operates, but they are aimed at giving users a clearer picture of the platform. The new terms take effect on July 31st.

Facebook’s searchable political ads archive is now global

Facebook is expandings its publicly searchable ads archive beyond the United States. Users will now be able to search for all political ads in Ukraine, Singapore, Canada and Argentina. Others countries will soon follow, Facebook says.

Facebook to make jobs, credit ads searchable

Facebook says it will make advertisements for U.S. jobs and for loans, financing and credit card offers searchable for all users under a legal settlement designed to eliminate discrimination blamed on its highly customized ad-targeting.

Google Ads News

The power of Google, Amazon looms over tech IPOs

Critics say big tech companies have created a “kill zone” that prevents startups from getting past a certain size without being bought or pushed out of business.

Google taking Ads API back to beta over performance issues

Google has decided to send its Ads API back to beta. Feedback from developers about slow response times have caused Google to determine that the API is not ready for production usage.

Google Expands the Distribution of App Ads

Google Ads is expanding the distribution of app ads, which will now show up more often on iOS devices. Starting this month, app ads will show for more searches on iOS mobile web browsers.

Google Ads Introduces New Ways to Promote In-Store Sales

Google Ads is rolling out new ways for local businesses to advertise in-store sales. These include optimize for calls, location groups, asset reporting, local inventory ad promotions and more.

Google AdSense Warns That Chrome to Block Abusive Ads on July 9

In 2018, Google Chrome started blocking abusive ad experiences on some sites in North America and Europe. Starting July 9, Google will be expanding Chrome's built-in ad blocking efforts to all other regions and ads will be blocked on sites that have performed abusive behavior.

Instagram Ads News

Instagram bringing new ads to Explore

Instagram is introducing ads to its explore tab, which is used by over 1 billion users each month. But instead of injecting ads right away, users will only be shown ads after they tap into a post and then start scrolling through imagery.

LinkedIn Ads News

LinkedIn Has Outlined its Recent Algorithm Updates, Which Focus on Broadening Engagement

LinkedIn's new algorithm will focus on maximizing member response and boosting activity among its users. LinkedIn made the change after finding that its engagement metrics were disproportionately favoring users with large followings while the rest were being ignored.

Microsoft Ads News

Leaving The Status Quo: The Benefits Of Using A Google Alternative For Paid Traffic

Forbes digs into the details of why advertising on Bing and Microsoft makes a whole of sense despite Google's dominance.

Microsoft Advertising Offers Clearer Data on Ad Positions in Search Results

To help advertisers better understand which position their ads are being shown in, Microsoft is introducing metrics such as top impression share, top impression share lost to rank, top impression share lost to budget, and the same three metrics but with absolute top impression share.

Microsoft advertising is seeking the help of Parallel Tracking feature

Measurements have proved that even milliseconds of delay at-times results in loss of consumer. For people drop off before the advertiser’s website is able to load up after an ad click. Parallel tracking helps serve ads faster to site visitors while tracking all the data later for analytics.

Pinterest Ads News

4 Quick Pinterest Ad Hacks to Boost Your Ecommerce

Every month, more than 250 million people use Pinterest to find inspiration, discover and shop for products and interact with brands. Entrepreneur goes into the details for how to properly use this effective, but underutilized platform.

Reddit Ads News

Reddit’s CEO shares his favorite subreddits

The CEO mentioned classics and a few surprises which are all advertiser friendly, including AskReddit, IAmA, Wholesome Network, Wholesome Memes and Cross Stitch, a subreddit dedicated entirely to sowing.

Snapchat Ads News

3 Reasons Facebook Can Monetize Stories Faster and Better Than Snap

Snapchat's future hinges on monetizing its users, but Facebook's Stories seem to be pulling away younger teens from Snapchat.

Twitter Ads News

Twitter publishes July key events calendar

Twitter has released its latest monthly events calendar designed to help businesses market around important events. The July calender includes events in the United States, Europe and around the world.

YouTube Ads News

YouTube Lets Users Override Recommendations After Criticism

After many controversies about people going down rabbit holes of objectionable videos based on YouTube's automated suggestions, the video site said it will let people tell it to stop suggesting videos from particular channels.

YouTube’s pushing augmented-reality ads

Brands can now create AR for YouTube. The launch partner is MAC Cosmetics whose ads will launch later in the summer and offer users the ability to put on lipstick. YouTube's forage into AR comes at a time when interest in AR is increasing as a whole.

PDFs Worth Reading

From Amazon to Uber, internet companies are driving US ad spend

A new Ad Age report reveals that US ad spend is primarily being driven by the biggest internet companies, such as Amazon, Facebook and Uber. Take out the biggest 19 internet companies and US ad spending only rose by 1.7%, whereas for the biggest 19 it was 23%.

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