PPC News in September 2020

Our roundup of the most important PPC news this week.

Amazon Ads

Amazon’s Prime Day kicks off on October 13th
(28 Sep 2020) - And the shopping season has begun, with Amazon announcing that Prime Day will run on October 13 and 14.

Facebook Ads

Account Center launches to help manage payments
(29 Sep 2020) - Facebook has launched the Account Center to help users manage data and payments across all its apps, log in across accounts and share stories and posts from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Say goodbye to 28-day attribution 
(28 Sep 2020) - Starting October 12, Facebook will be removing its 28-day attribution option. This will cause many businesses to lose out on important data, especially for high-ticket items with a longer purchase cycle.

Facebook scraps 'less than 20%' text rule 
(23 Sep 2020) - Facebook has gotten rid of its rule for images in ads that only 20% could be text.

Business Suite is finally live
(17 Sep 2020) - The all-in-one business manager that many small businesses have been looking for allows messages and posts to be managed for both Facebook and Instagram from one place, plus a lot of other features.

Google Ads

Holiday resources for online sellers
(29 Sep 2020) - A mini-site of holiday resources for small businesses was dropped by Google.

Local ads gain smart bidding for store sales
(23 Sep 2020) - Local businesses continue to get more ways to connect with their customers online, including a 'pick up later' option and service attributes.

Instagram Ads

New guides for how to set up Instagram Shops
(28 Sep 2020) - Instagram launched several guides to setting up your e-commerce store on its Shop platform.

Instagram Reels updates to allow longer videos, easier edits
(23 Sep 2020) - Instagram has extended the length for Reels videos from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, although it has held back from the one minute length available on TikTok.

76% of Instagram influencers hide advertising disclosures
(22 Sep 2020) - A new report reveals that adveristising disclosures get hidden in post and comment sections by every 3 out of 4 influencers.

LinkedIn Ads

Marketing Partner Community gets new specialties
(25 Sep 2020) - The Marketing Partner program on LinkedIn has been updated with new categories, which should make it easier if you’re looking for someone to partner with in the business.

LinkedIn rolls out Stories
(24 Sep 2020) - LinkedIn is widely rolling out a refreshed design with new features including stories and improved search results.

Pinterest Ads

New global shopping, ad features ahead of holiday season
(29 Sep 2020) - Pinterest announced it was integrating ads into more shopping experiences in the US, adding new video performance metrics and adding its shopping tab to the UK.

Pinterest launches Story Pins
(23 Sep 2020) - Pinterest has added the Stories format popular with Instagram to their platform.

Pinterest downloads hit all time high on iOS14 research
(22 Sep 2020) - The stock price jumped over 10% as news came out that Pinterest was the top downloaded app in the app store. 

Reddit Ads

Reddit introduces inventory types
(24 Sep 2020) - The latest feature will give advertisers more control over where their ads are shown and improve brand safety. 

TikTok Ads

Trump administration's ban of TikTok delayed
(28 Sep 2020) - The ban, that was delayed at the end of this month after the deal with Oracle, has been postponed again. Indeed, a U.S. federal court rejected Trump’s executive order to shut down the app.

Twitter Ads

Twitter to start testing voice DMs
(23 Sep 2020) - Twitter has started testing out and getting ready to launch voice DMs.

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