PPC News in October 2020

Our roundup of the most important PPC news in October 2020.

Each month we do the hard work for you and gather news related to Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other ad platforms that could affect your advertising strategies.

We hope this will help keep you up to date with the latest trends in the wider PPC world.

Here is everything you may have missed in October.


Amazon Ads

Amazon beats expectations in Q3
(30 Oct 2020) - Net sales totaled $96.1B, with earnings growing 192%. At the same time, capital expenses also grew 190%, as Amazon invests heavily in shipping and warehouse infrastructure.

Facebook Ads

Facebook sees solid revenue growth in Q3
(30 Oct 2020) - Daily active users totaled 1.82 billion, up 12% year-on-year, revenue grew 22% to $21.5 billion and net income totaled $7.85, up 29%.

FB releases new report on optimal ad frequency
(29 Oct 2020) - For anyone doing any advertising on Facebook, this is a good read to achieve optimal ad frequency.

FB releases report on changing interaction behaviors amid covid
(26 Oct 2020) - The insights: 1) people just want a community 2) community longing isn't going away anytime soon 3) cash is gone, with people increasingly using alternative payment methods.

Whatsapp gets an ecommerce update
(22 Oct 2020) - Managing shopping, payments and customer service on Whatsapp has now become easier than ever after Facebook added a slew of updates to the messaging app.

Why misinformation thrives on Facebook
(22 Oct 2020) - A neat case study breaks down why fake news does so well on Facebook, in particular, the algorithm favors high-impact, emotional and controversial headlines that get shared quickly.

Google Ads News

Small businesses complain of Google ad costs
(31 Oct 2020) - The biggest complaint from SMBs is not that Google is a monopoly, but that their advertising policies favor companies with big marketing budgets.

Alphabet Q3 revenue grows on YouTube ads
(30 Oct 2020) - Revenue grew to $46B, up 14% year-over-year with YouTube ads jumping from $3.8B to $5B in Q3. Google Search totaled $26.3B, up 24.7% year-over-year.

Google testing new tool to automatically create short videos from website content
(29 Oct 2020) - The URL2Video tool allows users to copy and paste a URL and get an automated short, advertiser-friendly video of the website content. Users can make changes before saving the final product.

New updates from Google to reach shoppers this holiday season
(22 Oct 2020) - Now sellers can easily highlight promotions to stand out, list your products on Google for free and take advantage of an improved performance planner to track the success of your campaigns.

Instagram Ads

Facebook announces new product tags for Instagram
(21 Oct 2020) - In the lead-up to the holidays, Instagram ads can now be updated with product tags within the Ads Manager, enabling advertisers to add product tags directly to paid promotions.

Instagram to crack down on hidden advertising
(16 Oct 2020) - After a UK ruling it will be much harder for people to post advertisements on their Instagram platforms without labeling the posts as ads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn seeing record engagement levels amid covid
(28 Oct 2020) - LinkedIn has seen engagement jump 31% in Q3 and total members hit 722 million worldwide.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft releases tool analyzing website behavior
(28 Oct 2020) - Dubbed 'Microsoft Clarity', the tool helps website managers improve their website experiences by better understanding site visit behavior.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest crushes Q3 earnings
(28 Oct 2020) - Monthly active users grew by 46% in Q3 while revenue jumped an astonishing 145%.

Pinterest launches new curation tools for merchants
(27 Oct 2020) - The new tools are designed to make online shopping more 'fun' and allow merchants to curate, feature and measure their products to drive inspiration and sales.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat releases Friendship Report
(28 Oct 2020) - Snapchat released its second annual global friendship report this year with insights on how friendships are being maintained and how people are staying connected during COVID-19.

Scan food and drink labels with Snapchat
(22 Oct 2020) - A new visual search feature released by Snapchat will allow users to use the app's in-app camera to scan packaged food and wine labels to get basic nutritional features.

Twitter Ads

Twitter stock tanks on Q3 numbers
(30 Oct 2020) - Users grew by only 1 million in Q3 from 186m to 187m, compared to 20 million in Q2.

Tweet creation process updated in Ads Manager
(21 Oct 2020) - Twitter has launched a new update for the Tweet Composer element of Ads Manager, which makes it easier to see what your Prompted Tweet will look like before you launch your campaign.

YouTube Ads

YouTube starts rolling out TikTok clone 'Shorts'
(23 Oct 2020) - There's now officially an icon for Shorts in YouTube's main app, the company's attempt to challenge TikTok in the short video space.

Google rolls out attribution features to YouTube
(13 Oct 2020) - A series of updates have been announced by the Google team, including expanding the range of data-driven attribution (DDA) tools for the online behemoth’s video streaming platform YouTube.

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