7 Tips to Create Killer Google Shopping Ads

Keep these seven tips in mind when advertising your products on Google Shopping.

In this article we are going to cover seven basic tips to apply in Google Shopping Ads to generate as many leads as possible for your business.

With retail increasingly looking like its permanently staying online, investing in Google Shopping is a good way to ensure your products can still be seen by your customers.

1. Write detailed descriptions

When customers buy online, they don't get the benefit of seeing the product in front of them. They can't touch it with their own two hands. Instead, they rely on images and descriptions.

Detailed descriptions will not only make your product more attractive to potential buyers, but it will also help with ranking the product on search engines.

When writing descriptions, make sure to research popular search terms and keywords related to your product and industry. Branded searches, for example, perform different to non-branded searches.

Sales will increase if you make sure to target customers that are actually interested in your product. Using negative keywords will ensure that you aren't paying for clicks that will never result in a sale.

The product descriptions are what should be used to highlight features of your product and capture the attention of customers on the internet.

2. Compose Captive, Engaging Titles

The best way to reel in a customer from the get-go is to include a flashy title.

A title should capture the essence of your product, and be relevant to the search terms used by customers when searching for your product online.

Keyword research and analytics is what comes into play here. A catchy title will make your product stand out from the competition.

3. Do something different from your competitors

Google Shopping can be an incredibly effective platform with a higher return than Amazon if done right. But there's also tons of competition so you need to stand out from the crowd.

In order to do this effectively, think about your goals. What is your target CPA and cost per acquisition?

Are you in the business of building customers or just making a quick sale?

Are you equipped with the right tools to have you excel? There are tons of free tools out there like Google's Keyword Planner, SEMRush and so forth. Make use of them.

Also what is it exactly that you want to sell? Entry-level products, high-margin products, products with low competition?

Asking yourself these questions will help ensure you can differentiate yourself from the competition and get a headstart on your sales.

4. Set a walk away price

Shoppers love bargins. When they see three similar advertisements for the same product, which ad are they going to click on? The one with the lowest price.

That's why it is vitally important to set your price point and stick to it. If you can't compete on price, there is no point in listing your products there.

5. Improve your landing page

If a user cilcks on your ad, they will be taken to a landing page where they expect to see the product you were advertising.

There is no better way to lose a customer than to take them to a landing page where it's unclear what they need to do next in order to buy the product.

The less friction there is between your consumder and their basket, the more profitable your shopping ads will be. Only a third of shopping ad clicks actually result in a sale already. Don't make it harder for your customer by leading them to an unclear landing page.

6. Upsell your product

While the goes hand in hand with writing good description and adding catchy titles, part of what will make your product more enticing to your customers is by positioning it as the best product on the market.

There are various ways you can upsell your product, such as running a promotion or a 2-1 deal, or to get free shipping. In any case, adding on these extra perks in your ad will sweaten the deal.

You could also add reviews of your product if they are in the 4-5 star range. Products with lots of reviews add to your credibility and inspire trust in the customer.

7. Be on time

What you put in your ad is important. But equally important is when you run your ad.

If you do your research beforehand, you can identify peak buying times among customers, or seasonal trends when CTRs are higher.

Increasing bids during times when there is increased shopping activity for your product is a surefire way to get more clicks and more sales.

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