Customer Care Service

Your ideal assistant.
One interface for multiple channels

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Save time and money
Forget about individual accounts for each channel. Single Aori account + appropriate settings = no time-wasting!
Customer service attentive to your needs
Aori Customer Service answers your questions, helps to set up ad campaigns, and deals with any errors and rejected ads. We look after our customers.
Perfect result
A flurry of calls and loads of new customers. Coverage of all main advertising channels + advertising automation = 30% more traffic to your website. When the ads run, you can easily change settings and edit ads in real time.
Everything you need for effective advertising
Single interface
Ad campaign management across all channels from one account
Customer service
Monday to Friday
Keywords planner
Built-in tools to select the best fitting keywords using Yandex.Wordstat and GoogleKeywordTool
Templates library
Dozens of ready-made ads and images
Сampaigns import
Quick campaigns import from Yandex.Direct and GoogleAdwords
Campaign templates
More than 80 ready-made ad campaign templates
Automatic strategies
Best ad placement + budget savings of up to 30%
Ad builder
Smart ad builder
Additional services
Аd campaigns examination: additional services for campaigns setup from 20 Euros (or 20 US Dollars outside of the EU)
Bids forecast
Forecasting CPC by keywords' performance for all platforms
Quick statistics and report center
Common ads
Time saving - common ads for several channels

Why is Aori better?
Manually managed
by you
With the help
of a freelancer
Managing ad campaigns across all channels from a single account
Adding funds to all channels from a single window
Convenient budget management
Single cross-channel reports panel
Unified document management
Direct access to advertising channels
Transparent reporting
Affiliate programLearn more
If you are a professional advertiser
The Aori Search mode is created with the participation of leading advertising experts. It allows you to centrally manage contextual advertising and provides all the tools needed to professionally launch a campaign, including auto-broker, auto-selection of the keywords and negative words. Our analytics will allow you to compare ad performance on different channels.
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If you want to advertise on social networks
Aori Social is a single interface for advertising on, Facebook and myTarget. You do not have to waste time on learning how to work with each individual channel's interface. The more channels you use, the more customers you'll attract!

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