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Creating Campaigns from Segments

To create a campaign, you can click on the 'campaign' tab next to the 'feed' tab at the top of the dashboard.

You will be taken to the campaign page, where you click on the button 'create campaign'.

The first thing you have to do to create a campaign will be to determine what data source Aori uses to create your campaign. After giving your campaign a name, you can choose whether you want the campaign to create a full-feed campaign, which will create text ads for all of the products in your store, or to create a campaign based on only a segment of products. Since we created the segment 'Winter Sale' earlier, we will use this segment to create a campaign.

If you scroll down further, you will also have options to determine the campaign dates, how long you want your campaign to run for, the daily budget, what locations you would like to target, and which Google Ads account you'd like to connect to the platform.

Once you save your campaign settings, you will be taken to the campaign creation page. This is where you can use your keyword formula to build text ads for your products in a fast and efficient manner.

The keyword formula will use data from your feed to create keywords in Google Ads that you bid on. For example, you can click the attribute 'brand+name' and add the word 'bike' to your Keyword Formula, and then it will create the keywords for your text ads based on data from your product feed and segment.

After you have created the Keyword Formula and created your keyword list, you can then move on to creating ads for your keywords. Here you can click on 'Add' and you will be given three options of ads to create: text ads, call-only ads, or responsive search ads.

At this point, all you have to do is create the ads for your keywords. It is good practice to include the keyword you are bidding on as headline 1. To do this, we recommend putting in the same attribute info you used to create your keywords in H1 as shown below. To preview the ads that are created, you can click the arrow on the far right.

When adding text into your headlines and descriptions, keep in mind that you can insert attribute data to any portion of the text ad. To do this, just click on the '+' sign next to the headlines and descriptions and a drop-down menu will appear where you can insert any attributes into your ad.

The attribute will be included as a DKI chip. If you click on the DKI chip, you will be able to format casing, such as having all the words in your attribute capitalized. And also you can add fallback text, which Aori will use whenever the character count is too long because of an attribute.

In the preview, you will be able to see what ads are created for each product. The grey name above your ad will be the product that the ad is created for. To preview the ads, you can use the arrows on the right hand side and see exactly what ads were created for what product.

When you are done previewing your ads, all you have to do is click upload at the bottom of the page and you are good to go.

Aori will upload the ads to your Google Ads account.

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