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Download a CSV file of your Aori campaign

How to utilize Aori's ability to download a CSV version of campaigns

Any campaign in Aori can be either synchronized to your Google Ads or Bing Ads account via the API, but it can also be downloaded as a CSV file. This can be handy for a few reasons:

  • You are using the AdWords Desktop Editor and would like to make some changes to the campaign before you upload it
  • You are working with a client and you want to show the client the campaign as a media plan that will be uploaded to their account before actually doing so.
  • In general, you want to give the campaign a once over before using it

Whatever the reason, you can find this feature in two places. First, after you create the campaign you can select either to Sync Now (via the API) or to Download as CSV.

Also, after the campaign is created, there is another chance to get the CSV on the dashboard by clicking on the three vertical dots icon next to the campaign name.

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