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Convert to SKAG

Aori offers the ability to convert an already existing campaign into a SKAG campaign

As an overview, Aori converts and already existing campaign into a SKAG by first making a copy of the original campaign. This ensures the original is not altered in any way. Next Aori will analyze the keyword list for any duplicates, and if found, they will be removed from the new campaign.

Then Aori will parse the keywords into banks, when possible. Aori is built on the bank method and this an easy way to make any changes to a campaign and to make any additions later, such as from the Search Terms Report. If there is a new word to be added, it can be put in a bank, and Aori will create new ads groups with the ad templates (and DKI if applicable), which is a quicker way of doing things than the standard workflow of manually adding ad group/keywords/ads.

The final step is the ad template creation. Aori will compare all of the ads in the campaign. From this, it will create ad templates. And each of these templates will be put in each of the SKAGs. Also, it is possible to add Aori's DKI chips with the keywords from the campaign. Then every ad served will have the keyword that triggered it in the ad text.

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