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Strimm TV & Club Equilibrium

"Aori can be easily used by business owners or company marketers to enhance the digital marketing of the business directly."

More about Strimm TV

Strimm TV is a linear TV creation and management platform that allows anyone to create a scheduled online television show. Strimm is widely used by thousands people from 160+ countries, who have created 2,000+ TV channels, broadcasting 24/7.

More about Equilibrium Club

Club Equilibrium is a spiritual shamballa and breaded gemstone jewelry store, which offers a wide selection of powerful and timeless stone jewelry at affordable cost and premium quality. Each piece is uniquely designed and made in USA based on knowledge of gemology and astrology.

Dmitry Kochman (CEO of Strimm TV and Club Equilibrium) on SKAGs and Aori

Dmitry Kochman has succesfully applied SKAGs using Aori to market his two businesses. He notes:

Though I have a digital marketing background myself, the companies I use Aori for are not marketing agencies.

When asked what got him interested in Aori, Kochman says he wanted to:

_"make multiple single keyword ad groups which was a challenge in the Google Ads Editor."

When comparing setting up SKAGs in Google Ads and Aori, he said:

Aori saved a tone of time :)

And when asked whether he saw improvements in campaign performance when using SKAGs, he said the following:

In many cases yes, though it takes some skills to manage many ad groups.

Kochman has successfully used Aori to streamline the SKAG creation process and create huge amounts of SKAGs in a more shorter time period than before with the Google Ads Editor.

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