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How this content marketing agency uses Aori to get sky-high click through rates.

"Now, campaign creation from keywords to deployment is literally a matter of minutes!"

About Cling Digital

Cling Digital focuses on content marketing with paid advertising and organic services to promote and boost a brand or business content. The goal is to reduce traditional marketing costs by promoting your brand with value content.

What makes Cling Digital unique?

Cling Digital has an enticing offer. The ability to pump out 100,000 written words about a business or brand, formatted into social, articles, titles and descriptions within 10 days. And have it all distributed within 30 days.

What problems did Cling Digital face with Google Ads?

Obviously, getting all that content out in just 30 days requires a top-notch digital strategy. Unfortunately, when Cling Digital began looking for advertising solutions on the market, they found existing software wanting. Three issues in particular came up:

  1. Not enough information on the Google Ads Editor.
  2. No faster, better solutions than the Google Ads Editor.
  3. No flexible and reliable SKAG/STAG builders on the market.

Switching to Aori

When Cling Digital made the switch to Aori, the results were immediately clear. They note:

"Now, campaign creation from keywords to deployment is literally a matter of minutes. Even complex campaigns with deep inventory of keywords, get done in minutes. CTR rates skyrocket and I barely need to waste time with things like Negative Keywords as campaigns are built, tight."

"Click-through-rates skyrocket!"

Single Keyword Ad Groups are an industry standard when it comes to isolating high-quality search traffic so your ads only appear on the search terms you want them to.

One major benefit when this is done is that click-through-rates (CTRs) jump massively, as your ad is shown only to the most relevant search traffic. Cling Digital was no exception and the high CTR is a major reason they use Aori to run their SKAGs.

"Average CTR's in my account are a staggering 10-15%. Conversions by call leads are consistent and through the roof, like 9% conversion in the competitive nationwide Legal Niche. Best part of it is when recreating a winning campaign and just swapping out keywords it's, no joke 2-3 mins top. That includes going over to the Google Ad console and punching in final touches. Look, a campaign can take time to research and find angles, these numbers are based on "building out". With Aori it's really super fast."

300% growth in leads

As a result of such high CTR, Cling Digital saw nearly 300% month-to-month growth between January 2020 and December 2019 for one of their campaigns, just two short months of using Aori.

Cling Digital's thoughts on SKAGs

We asked Cling Digital what their thoughts were on Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) in general and whether they had seen any performance increases from this method. Here's what they had to say:

"Yes, absolutely. But better still are the Single Theme Ad Groups. It depends on the situation but, yes, easier to manage and faster results. I just focus on keeping each campaign as one category/topic and it's good to go."

Connect with us!

Need a personalized content marketing strategy? You can connect with Cling Digital at their website here.

Want to see similarly high CTR as Cling Digital? Give the SKAG tool and STAG tool they use for their Google Ads campaigns a shot.

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