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Adding SKAGs to existing campaigns

Aori offers the ability to add SKAGs to existing campaigns you have in your Google Ads account. The campaigns you add your SKAGs to can be in any format and do not have to be structured like a SKAG.

In order to add SKAGs to existing campaigns, all you have to do is click the 'Add SKAGs' button at the top of the dashboard.

Once this is clicked, you will be taken to a page that will show all the Google Ads accounts you have connected to Aori and all of the campaigns in them. Simply click on the account you need and the campaign. The source campaign will be imported into Aori and you will be able to add SKAGs to it.

One important note: None of the existing keywords or ads that are in the source campaign will be displayed in Aori, only the title of the campaign will get imported. But any SKAGs you create in Aori will be added to the source campaign in Google Ads as separate SKAGs.

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