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Assigning URLs to Keywords in Aori

Decide what keywords should lead to which page

Aori offers the ability for you to assign URLs to specific words that make up keywords. Aori uses a bank method that in it's simplest form is a keyword multiplier. Here the idea is to use the first bank as a list of root keywords (the semantic root of a keyword). Take a look at this example:

Bank 1 (root): Car, Truck, Van
Bank 2: new, used

Keywords created:
car new, car used, truck new, truck used, van new, van used

In Aori you can assign URLs on to that first bank like this:
Car: site.com/cars
Truck: site.com/trucks
Van: van.com/vans

And then the keywords that contain these roots, will be directed to the appropriate pages:

car new -> site.com/cars
truck used -> site.com/trucks
van new -> van.com/vans

To set this up, you can find this option on the Keyword Builder step. It is the icon in the top right of the first bank.

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