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Carousel, Single Image and Video Ads

How to create the three ad formats in Aori

Aori supports the creation of carousel, single image and video ads. Also, in Aori it is possible to create multiple ad structures in one campaign, so you don't have to decide on only one when making the campaign like in Facebook's Ad Manager.

Aori builds ads using Ad Cards. On that card, there can be multiple image or video assets, as well as Templates (a bundle of description, title, CTA and URL). The Ad Card will be in a Category as well, which is the audience.

To create multiple Single Image or Single Video ads, drag-and-drop multiple images and videos on the card. Also add other Templates, and Aori will create all the possible combinations.

To create Carousel Ads, add another card and add to this card. Facebook allows for Carousel Ads with up to 10 images. Aori will automatically create Carousel Ads by combining the assets from Ad Card 1 with that of Ad Card 2. Assets on Ad Card 1 will always be in the first position of the Carousel Ads, the same is true of Ad Card 2 and further Ad Cards.

To make this work smoothly, Aori has a feature called Automated Adaptive Crop. This allows users to bulk upload images, adjust crop areas when required, and then two versions of the image will be saved: one that can be used in the Single Ad format and the other in the Carousel Ad format.

Automated Adaptive Crop solves the two problems of greatly reducing the time it takes to upload many images and crop them to the correct size, and ensuring the right crop of the image is in the correct ad format (Single or Carousel).

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